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The Non-existence of Law and Journalism in New Zealand

Peter Zohrab 2019

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(Open Letter to the President of the Law Society and to the President of the National Press Club)


Dear Kathryn Beck and Peter Isaac,


There is no functioning legal system or profession of journalism in New Zealand!

The Parliamentary Undersecretary to the Minister of Justice, Jan Logie, said in a TV3 interview that Human Rights meant "the safety of victims and children – particularly women and children," -- but no Law Society official, no National Press Club official, no individual lawyer and no individual journalist publicly commented on or criticised this grotesque perversion of Human Rights -- despite the fact that she is a Junior Minister in the Government of New Zealand, with specific responsibility for the Law! In other words, men have no Human Rights and they are typecast as, and predetermined to be, the perpetrators of Domestic Violence. Bear in mind that Jan Logie used to work for Women's Refuge, which works closely with the police and teaches judges and lawyers what to think about Domestic Violence, through Law Schools, the Institute of Judicial Studies and the Law Society.

New Zealand was the first country in the World to give women the vote. Obviously, that was because Kiwis are that much more stupid than people in other countries, and now now women in this country are proceeding to take over all professions and strip all these stupid men of all their remaining rights -- allowing them to stay alive purely because they might need them to die in wars to protect women again.

According to Hansard, the Prime Minister referred in Parliament on 12 February 2019 to "... domestic violence for the effect it has on children and their families." The Co-Leader of the Green Party, which supports the Government, followed this up on the same day by stating that "Our Government—and the Green Party that Marama Davidson and I are proud to lead as part of it—was given a mandate to bring about equality for women, finally, and to stem the tide of domestic and sexual violence against them." In other words, the Government will legislate to make women and children the victims and men the perpetrators in all Domestic Violence situations.

In an "An open letter to the men and government of New Zealand" the vicious man-haters, Helen Clark, Dame Jenny Shipley and Silvia Cartwright, attacked men for "violence against women," in the wake of one particular murder. That letter was a hate-crime against men, because it was aimed at helping the Government to legislate to make women and children the victims and men the perpetrators in all Domestic Violence situations. I have never heard any Feminist mention Lesbian violence or violence against men. See Professor Fiebert's annotated domestic violence bibliography, which "examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners" and also this page on Abstracts relating to Lesbian Domestic Violence. What is wrong with being against ALL violence -- including violence against unborn children? Why stir up hysteria about one particular case?

It is obvious -- and it is my personal experience -- that the police and judges are reluctant to believe that a man is ever the victim of female violence, unless the evidence is impossible to ignore, which means that men can not usually get justice against a woman in New Zealand. Since men know that, it is not suprising that sometimes they end up killing their female partners. Then the Feminists call this "violence against women," whereas what it actually is is violence against men committed by women and the State, working in an anti-male alliance.

I have often been assaulted by women. On the two occasions that I reported it to the police, they refused to believe me. In addition, I have been sexually assaulted by women and, in the instances which I reported to the police, they refused to take any action. Universities are particularly dangerous places for men, since they are female-dominated. Recently I had a lot of apparently fecal material thrown down on me as I entered a building at Massey University. At Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University, I experienced a total of three instances of women assaulting me by swinging their shoulders at me as we passed each other. In the first of those instances, the woman shouted out "I hate..." and she did it in plain sight of a mass of other students (mainly female). Since women are testosterone-deficient and therefore congenital liars (see research on testosterone and truthfulness), they often dress these assaults up as "accidents".

Now we have had a massacre of Muslims in Christchurch. A New Zealand journalist criticised the shooter for also shooting into the women's room in the mosque. Apparently, shooting men is less blameworthy. Perhaps the Government will reduce the penalties for killing men or increase them for killing women. Also, the Mayor of London, who happens to be a Muslim himself, referred to the victims are being "men, women and children." This is also highly discriminatory, because the only point of spelling that out is -- again -- to indicate that killing women is more repugnant that killing men!


-- Hamill, Jasper (2019): "Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim." Metro, 4 Jan 2019.

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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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