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Green MP Jan Logie Proves that Women's Suffrage Should Be Repealed.

Peter Zohrab 2018

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(Open Letter to the Prime Minister)


Dear Mrs Ardern,


According to Hansard, on 9th May 2018 Green Party MP and undersecretary to the Minister of Justice, tasked with domestic and sexual violence, stated as follows in Parliament's Debating Chamber:

In a country like ours, everyone deserves to be safe in their home, and yet, right now, about 5 percent of women in this country will be experiencing physical violence in their intimate relationship. Some men will also be victims, though much less likely than women to experience fear or a loss of control of their daily lives..."

It is obvious that women experience more fear than men, because women are inferior creatures who love to cry and scream, whereas men hardly ever do either of those things. For example, the article Brave men and timid women? A review of the gender differences in fear and anxiety by Carmen P. McLean and Emily R. Anderson, Clinical Psychology Review Volume 29, Issue 6, August 2009, Pages 496-505 states (in the Abstract):

Substantial evidence indicates that women report greater fear and are more likely to develop anxiety disorders than men. Women's greater vulnerability for anxiety disorders can be partly understood by examining gender differences in the etiological factors known to contribute to anxiety.

Because women are such pathetically emotional sub-humans and have been given the vote, because of the rank stupidity and gutlessness of our male ancestors, we now have this Fascist Scum-Dyke, Jan Logie, standing up in Parliament and promising to punish men even more than now for the fact that women have all these emotions.

Because there is no intelligence requirement for Members of Parliament, the Law already punishes men for the emotions of women. I refer to the Domestic Violence Act s. 13 (2), which reads:

13. Application without notice for protection order -- (1) ....
(2) Without limiting the matters to which the Court may have regard when
determining whether to grant a protection order on an application without
notice, the Court must have regard to --
(a) The perception
of the applicant or a child of the applicant's family, or
both, of the nature and seriousness of the respondent's behaviour; and
(b) The effect of that behaviour on the applicant or a child of the
applicant's family, or both.

In this brainwashed country, every man has to worry about what is going on in the tiny mind of any woman he lives with, because that pathetic, sub-human individual might happen to want to feel some negative emotion and complain to the blue-uniformed thugs about it! How much "control of their daily lives" do men have, when blue-clad state thugs can lock them up on the basis of some woman's sub-human emotionalism?

Democracy was invented by the ancient Greeks. They did not give women the vote. Nor should we. I urge you to introduce a Bill to abolish women's suffrage and then resign from Parliament. At least your boyfriend's child will then suffer a less traumatic life!

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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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