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The Three Feminist Domestic Violence Conspiracies

© Peter Zohrab 2015

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There are three main Feminist domestic violence conspiracies:

  1. To get men to put up with female violence. For example, on 10 July 2015 I saw, on TV3's Dancing With the Stars programme, that several couples were doing a move which involved the woman pushing the man away with her foot. This programme usually involves semi-naked women and has absolutely no intellectual content, so it is bound to have a huge audience, who are deliberately being taught to think that female violence against men is perfectly OK.

  2. To pretend that men are the only or the main perpetrators of violence between adults who live together, despite the huge amount of evidence to the contrary (see Professor Fiebert's annotated domestic violence bibliography). For example, straight after seeing the above TV item, I switched channels and saw that the man-hater, Alison Pugh, on TV One's Breakfast show, was interviewing only Women's Refuge about a Youtube video on domestic violence. Men's representatives are never interviewed on television about domestic violence. Possibly this is because women are too irrational to view such a topic objectively, given that Pugh got all wide-eyed, at one stage, on hearing some lie or half-truth that was being dished out to her by Women's Refuge;

  3. To let women get away with killing their husbands. The Feminist aim is to treat all women who kill their male partners as victims of that male's domestic violence, and so to write laws which will acquit the woman or let her off with a mild penalty. The Health Quality and Safety Commission appointed a Family Violence Death Review Committee composed almost entirely of women and headed by woman of impeccably man-hating credentials, Julia Tolmie. Therefore, it was always inevitable that the Committee would produce a report which would employ every possible devious tactic in order to come up with anti-male conclusions.

What this all amounts to is a drive to make women all-powerful in the home, able to use violence against males with impunity.


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