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How the Media, the Police and the Universities Murder New Zealand Men

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Feminist theory with regard to Domestic Violence has targetted men as the enemy and has been grossly unscientific. In his review of the pioneering Feminist book, "The Battered Woman", Robert Sheaffer states:

The Battered Woman is unsatisfactory as a serious work, and completely unacceptable as a foundation for family law. First, it is profoundly unscholarly. Without objective verification of the incidents herein described, they are nothing more than hearsay. Second, the book does not even pretend to be objective: the woman's side, and only the woman's side, is presented, when it is undeniable that in a large percentage of cases, the woman initiates violence against the man. Third, Prof. Walker's expanded definition of "battering" that includes verbal abuse does not even address the issue of female verbal abuse of men. Fourth, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that Prof. Walker's sample of "battered women" is in any way a representative sample, and even if it were, she presents no statistics to support her conclusions. In fact, most of her conclusions are utterly unsupported by any kind of data, and are simply pronounced ex cathedra. (My emphasis -- P.Z.)

There have been many man-hating television "documentaries" in New Zealand saying that issues such as Domestic Violence involved mainly or only male perpetrators and female victims. In fact, however, Professor Fiebert's annotated bibliography "examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners" (as at 29 January 2016).

This has created an atmosphere of anti-male hysteria, which has forced politicians to respond. The then Minister of Justice, Simon Power, responded by getting Parliament to create so-called "Police Safety Orders" (see example below).


Police Safety Order form

As you can see from this form, the Police can, once they are on your property, decide to label one of two people "a person at risk" and the other person (by implication) "a dangerous person". Note that the then Justice Minister, Simon Power, referred in Parliament to the need for the latter to "take responsibility for their actions," even though they had never been proved in court to have done anything at all! The Police can then force the latter person to leave his own home for a period of time. New Zealand is therefore a Police State. See also Femi-Fascism Flourishes.

Note that no Court of Law has been involved in this process, but your record will show that the Police has taken action against you.

It is important to realise how stupid the Police are, and that assessing such domestic stituations accurately requires the Wisdom of Solomon, which the Police certainly don't have. The Police systematically discriminate against men, as I have found repeatedly. Moreover, they are brainwashed by Feminists. See also: The Head of the Auckland Council of Civil Liberties thinks and talks like a Fascist.

The idea that you could give such powers to the Police is profoundly stupid and profoundly Fascist.

The universities have no standards, except that no student or staff-member is allowed to be openly Anti-Feminist. On the other hand, mindless, man-hating myths can be and are disseminated by university staff as if they were "academic" or scientific. Money is dished out by universities to Feminists so that they can dream up "theory", with which to oppress men. One result of this man-hating propaganda is the constant attempt to allow women to murder their male partners and get away with it completely, or with a reduced punishment.

One example of this is the Law Commission's Issues Paper: Victims of family violence who commit homicide. I have often made submissions to the Law Commission, and they are routinely ignored. This is because the Law Commission is a Leftist political organisation which predermines its conclusions and does not allow itself to be deflected from them to any great extent. You can tell this by looking at the people who make up its so-called "expert panel". Although this issue crucially involves the assessment of scientific (or quasi-scientific) research, seven of the nine so-called "experts" have a legal background, rather than a scientific one -- including the author of the one quasi-scientific study which the incompetent "experts" are assessing. Therefore, they are not competent to assess the scientific status of the research which they are supposed to be assessing. The other two so-called "experts" are women from the Women's Refuge and the police.

Apart from being incompetent, the panel is biased. Not only does it include the author of the research which they are assessing, but it includes someone from Women's Refuge, with no balancing input from Men's Rights Activists.

These Law Commission low-lifes are, in effect, advocating that women murder their husbands, and, based on the fact that they are dead and can't disprove them, and also on evidence such as Fascist Police Safety Orders, claim that the murder was self-defence!


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