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Another Taxpayer-Funded Man-Hater

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(Open Letter to the Minister of Health, slightly edited)


Dear Mr Ryall,

I am writing about the competence, bias and ethics of the Family Violence Death Review Committee and of the body that appointed its members, i.e. the Health Quality and Safety Commission.

What I have to say refers specifically to the Chair of the Family Violence Death Review Committee, Associate Professor of Law Julia Tolmie, but I suspect that research into the other members would have similar results in at least some cases. Here is a list of the titles of the first ten results you get, when you search for " Julia Tolmie" (without quotation-marks) on Google Scholar :

1. Discoursing dads: The rhetorical devices of fathers' rights groups

2. Fathers' rights groups in Australia and their engagement with issues in family law'

3. Defending battered women on trial: The battered woman syndrome and its limitations

4. Negotiating child residence and contact arrangements against a background of domestic violence

5. Defending Battered Women on Trial: The Battered Woman Syndrome and its Limitations'(1992)

6. Falling Short of the Challenge-A Comparative Assessment of the Australian Use of Expert Evidence on the Battered Woman Syndrome

7. Domestic violence and child contact arrangements

8. Battered woman syndrome in Australia: A challenge to gender bias in the law?

9. Race, Gender, and the Battered Woman Syndrome: An Australia Case Study

10. Race, Gender and the Battered Woman Syndrome: An Australian Case Study'(1995)

As you can see, there is a focus on fathers' groups and on domestic violence. If you looked into the actual pieces of writing themselves, you would see that they concentrate on attacking fathers and defending murderous women. I have a Law degree, and I can assure you that it is no rarity for Law lecturers to have anti-male and other political agendas which bias the minds of the students who end up running our legal system.

Apart from the fact that her photograph on the page http://www.hqsc.govt.nz/our-programmes/mrc/fvdrc/news-and-events/news/136/ makes her look as if she suffers from an acute personality disorder, I think you can see from the above that she is extremely biased on relevant issues. I would go further: It is people like her who create many domestic violence problems, by excusing female violence on the basis of unscientific myths and by doing nothing to ensure that the police act in an even-handed way as between men and women. This police bias makes men feel unable to report female violence to the police, which means they have to flee or retaliate as they see fit.

Could you please respond to this letter by explaining whether you think there is a need for rationality and impartiality on the above-name Committee and Commission? I have in-depth knowledge as regards domestic violence and fathers' rights, and am prepared to give you further information on these issues if you would like some.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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