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The Personal is Political

Peter Zohrab 2018

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The article The Personal is Political at http://www.carolhanisch.org/CHwritings/PIP.html implies that that slogan means that "personal problems are political problems." For my part, I could write a whole Men's Rights book analysing the Feminist oppression of men on the basis of my personal experiences, so men can play that game too!

For now, I would like to mention just two experiences:

  1. I was once rung up at home by a (much younger) niece, who immediately attacked me for saying on the Internet that the Women's Refuge consisted of man-haters. She neither said where she had seen this alleged statement of mine nor whether I had used the actual term "man-haters" or some other term. I have the impression that some females use the term "man-hater" to mean "Lesbian", whereas I do not. When I say "man-hater", I mean someone who hates men -- not a woman who prefers to have sex with other women, although there is certainly some overlap between these two types of people. Feminists like this niece probably have/had no concept of "man-hating", since man-hating is all around us in Western countries and is more or less synonymous with Feminism, which is the dominant ideology. How could she know what man-hating is, when she possibly hates men herself and considers it the normal way of thinking about men? Anyway, I found it very offensive to be rung up by a much younger and less intelligent relative and attacked in this way. It shows how powerful women are, relative to men, that they think they are entitled to behave in this way towards older male relatives. Moreover, Jan Logie, the current Parliamentary Undersecretary to the Minister of Justice Andrew Little with a focus on domestic and sexual violence issues, describes herself as a "lefty, feminist lesbian" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Logie) and she used to work at Women's Refuge.

  2. As a mature student, I was once sitting in a lecture room behind, and to one side of, a rather attractive young woman who I had not seen before. I did not pay any attention to her, but she looked at me and must have recognised me from a photograph, because she did something on her cellphone and soon a nephew of mine appeared at the back door of the lecture hall and stared at us. Then this woman -- without introducing herself or addressing me by name -- suddenly told me that I should just go along with lecturers who happened to be Feminist. I had never discussed this issue with my nephew. I replied, "I'm not like that!" and that was the end of the conversation. Again, I found it very offensive to be given instructions in this way by a much younger and probably less intelligent female stranger. Again, it shows how powerful women are, relative to men, that they think they are entitled to behave in this way towards older males. Feminist lecturers are not just harmless biddies teaching courses that you should just try to pass and forget about. They teach lies and distortions and they empower women to oppress men by giving them fake reasons to hate men.

The above-mentioned article states:

... is part of one of the most important theories we are beginning to articulate. We call it "the pro-woman line." What it says basically is that women are really neat people.

It is important to note that this is not a scientific theory which described the real world. It is a political theory about what should be taught to women in order for Feminist goals to be achieved. It is a strategy or a tactic. When you realise that the article also talks about hastening the revolution, you realise that women have deliberately had their self-esteem raised by Feminists, that this has been the other side of the coin with denigrating men and that this part of the revolution has already happened. The above behaviour by the two young women is evidence of that.

Also, when I was a teacher at The Correspondence School, I was talking to a "nice", middle-aged, female teacher of English, when she expressed disbelief that some woman (who must have been in the news, I guess) could possibly have done the bad act that she was accused of. Her reason for this disbelief was that the woman concerned was a woman teacher! In other words, women's groups, the teachers' union (PPTA), the media and the universities had so flooded her enviroment with negative propaganda about men and positive propaganda about women that people felt that women actually were good and that men were actually bad!

Media bias and education system bias against men is a Human Rights issue!!

So, if some people think that Jordan Peterson is preaching Patriarchy and Fascism (though I do not think so), you have to ask yourself:

  1. What else can reverse the Feminist revolutionary gains referred to above? and

  2. What kind of revolution could that be, other than a Right-Wing, Patriarchal one?


I am not answering these questions -- just asking them!

Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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