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On being sane in an insane country

Peter Zohrab 2016

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There are no women in New Zealand. By this, I don't so much mean that all women in this country are Lesbians -- indeed, women are so firmly in control of New Zealand that men have been taught to be subservient to women in heterosexual relationships. Their solo mothers have taught them this, their female-dominated teaching profession has taught them this and the Feminist media have taught them this.

What I mean by saying that there are no women in New Zealand is that all women have been promoted to "ladies" -- I have even heard prostitutes being referred to as "ladies" (on television)! When talking to a tradesman in my home, I once referred to "women", which he clearly found offensive. He immediately said something using the word "ladies", in order to "correct" my lack of subservience to women! Mind you, he was not an ordinary tradesman, but seemed to have some industry training role, as well. So he may have been subjected to the Female Supremacist ethic of the education industry. Also he worked in Wellington, the Feminist capital of New Zealand, which is not typical of the country as a whole.

This insane phenomenon is not restricted to New Zealand. I recently heard the hostess of a British television programme ("Antiques Roadshow"), which she had recntly taken over from a male host, refer to women as "ladies", when there was nothing about the women that made them more ladylike than other women. She was clearly a Feminist, and full of Feminist entitlement.

Meanwhile, men remain "men", and are seldom referred to as "gentlemen".

New Zealand is much more Feminist than Australia is. I know this, because you hear Feminist journalists on television complaining about how Australian men are not subservient enough (although they don't put it like that!). In part, this is a question of intelligence. Former Prime Minister Robert Muldoon 'once famously said that New Zealanders moving to Australia “raised the IQ of both countries”'. In fact, many Kiwis are forced to move abroad (and Australia is the closest country of any size) once their talents have allowed them to get promoted to a high level in New Zealand, because the economy is small and the head offices of many companies are overseas. These able New Zealanders then contribute their intelligence and that of their children to their new home countries.

This may apply to Canada, as well. When I did a Google search for "White Ribbon Campaign USA", just now, the first page of results had hits from Canada and New Zealand, but none from the USA! Of course, the man-hating White Ribbon Campaign originated in Canada, which has a much smaller economy than its neighbour, the USA, and probably loses a lot of talented people to the USA. So it may be that the average intelligence of both Canada and New Zealand has been declining -- except to the extent that immigrants have been able to restore it! That may be why Canada and New Zealand are such Feminist countries.

However, that does not explain why the USA has a Violence Against Woman Act, but no Violence Against Men Act. Fortunately, Donald Trump has been elected President of the USA, and he may be able to restore a bit of sanity to his country (and the World). His support-base seems to have been the relatively uneducated. However, the problem with the so-called "educated" is that they have been indoctrinated into Feminism by the education system and media. Nothing has been so funny as the failure of the incompetent Feminist media and education system to predict Donald Trump's victory in the presidential campaign!

New Zealand is a strongly egalitarian country (i.e. all ladies are equal and all men are equal, although at a lower level). What this means, in practice, is that there is little respect for intelligence, and that prominent people attract a huge amount of jealousy (a.k.a. the "Tall Poppy Syndrome"). For example, a mere rugby player has been given New Zealand's highest honour -- higher than the honour that has been suggested for the former Prime Minister, John Key! Admittedly, vast numbers of Kiwi boys apparently grow up wanting to be All Blacks, so becoming a great All Black Captain means overcoming fierce competition! However, it is a perverted value system that gives a rugby player a higher honour than an outstanding Prime Minister receives! Rugby players don't seem to attract much jealousy, because rugby is mainly about hard work, strength and speed. It is therefore more egalitarian than sports which require you to master difficult skills.

I am intelligent enough to have been called "too intelligent for your own good" by a university lecturer -- yet the media have never invited me to debate Sex War issues with a Feminist. That, of course, is because the Feminist media are afraid that I would win. When I had to go to the High Court to appeal a flawed criminal conviction, my lawyer, Tony Ellis, told me that I was not popular (i.e. amongst the legal profession) and a Men's Rights colleague has told me that Members of Parliament hate me. This is because I have attacked the education system, universities, the media, lawyers, a law school, judges, the police and some politicians. Some of these entities react by treating me unfairly and spying on me -- which, of course, is almost impossible to prove.

The Feminists are so determined to keep people stupid and to attack intelligence that I was once assaulted by a Down's Syndrome girl -- presumably on the orders of her mother, who was probably the woman who was walking behind her!

Most of this would not have happened if the media had been democratic and respected the right of Free Speech in the first place. However, since the media are a Feminist political party in their own right, I (and others like me) have been starved of media coverage, I have been forced to use other tactics, and I have then been criticised for using these tactics -- when no other legal tactics would have been effective, in the absence of a democratic media. I have also been treated like a star -- although I do not seek publicity for myself and derive no income from publicity. For example, when I moved to Wellington some months ago and went on walks, I came across a man a couple of times who grinned broadly at me. That was fine, but he didn't say anything, and when I came across him later he scowled at me! Presumably he knew who I was and expected me to speak to him -- but I had no idea who he was!

TV3 is one of the most insane phenomena in New Zealand. It believes in and propagates a primitive Feminist religion. It is bad enough that women have acquired many privileges on the back of Feminist claims that such privileges were providing "equality" -- such as participation at the mainstream Olympics, although in a substandsard competition, and participation in professional sports, without having to compete against men (except in horse-riding events). That is bad enough, but I once heard a TV3 newsreader (Samantha somebody) actually gloat that New Zealand women were beating New Zealand men in the medal count at the 2016 Olympics! Not only do Feminists make a big thing about getting equality in all respects in employment, but in sports they demand to enjoy lower standards and then gloat about beating men, when female athletes achieve those lower standards better than the men achieve the higher standards! Samantha's male colleague is totally incapable of contradicting a woman, so he said nothing! In fact, New Zealand is so insane that I once heard a man say, "Don't argue with a woman!"


However, as the election of President Trump in the USA shows, people are not necessarily as stupid as the media and the education system are! I just wish that more of them had the guts to help me point out that the emperor has no clothes on.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

24 December 2016