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The Journalistic Incompetence of the BBC Feminist Political Party

© Peter Zohrab 2008

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On 23 April 2008, at about 5:28 PM GMT, the BBC World TV Feminist Political Party broadcast yet more journalistically incompetent, lying propaganda about women. Advertising the latest programme in its "Women on the Frontline" series, it enclosed one lie within another lie, and that lie within a third lie:

  1. Its first lie is the title of the series "Women on the Frontline". Nowhere in the World, in recorded history, have women ever been conscripted to serve in the frontline, and this series has nothing to do with that. Never has the BBC World TV Feminist Political Party broadcast a series focussing on the tribulations, suffering, wounds and deaths of men on the countless frontlines that they have served on, and continue to serve on. Not only that, but ( see my usenet newsgroup posting: http://groups.google.co.nz/group/soc.men/browse_frm/thread/8446a329e52af93b/1befdda03d67b09d?hl=en&tvc=1&q=BBC+Bosnia+Zohrab#1befdda03d67b09d ) the BBC World TV Feminist Political Party is callous towards male suffering and male death, regarding the death of a small number of male and female civilians as much more horrible than the death of twice as many "mere" men. This series title "Women on the Frontline" is pure Goebbels propaganda: the Feminists have a severe problem with their lie that Feminism is about Equality, since they have never campaigned for women to be conscripted into the frontline, as men have always been -- Feminists have only campaigned for women to be allowed to serve in the armed forces and fight in the frontline if they happen to feel like doing that. So this series title is an attempt to pretend that women do serve in the Frotnline, even though that is a blatant lie. Assuming that the BBC World TV Feminist Political Party claims to adhere to journalistic standards, it is a clear breach of them to use titles and headlines so as to distort reality in the pursuit of political goals.

  2. Its second lie is the implication that sexual violence (what Feminists call "gender violence") is just (or even mainly) something that men do to women. In fact, the scholarly evidence is overwhelming that women are at least as violent towards men as vice versa -- see Professor Martin Fiebert's annotated bibliography of the research. This is the height of journalistic incompetence -- at least it would be, if the BBC even aspired to tell the truth. In fact, the BBC is just a Feminist political party, corruptly using its public funding to pursue a simplistic and sexist political agenda.

  3. Its third lie is its unprofessional reliance on just one source -- the United Nations -- without checking the information provided. It is a fundamental of journalistic practice that information should be checked by consulting another source. The public rely on the media to carry out these checks. Why should the BBC bother to check the information, as if it were a bona fide news organisation? The BBC is clearly only looking for like-minded Feminist propagandists, and they are easy to find in the United Nations bureaucracy, where Feminists and incompetents abound. In my capacity as Secretary of the Internatonal Pro-Male Association, I wrote about relevant sex-war issues to the then UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, the then Secretary-General designate, Ban Ki-moon, the Executive Director of UNICEF, Ann M. Veneman, the Director of the World Bank, Mr. Wolfowitz, and Margaret Chan, then Director-General Elect of the World Health Organization. NONE of them ever replied to me or even acknowledged my letters! That is gross bad faith from these politically-driven organisations.

    What is urgently needed is a world conference to draft a Convention Against Corrupt Sex-War Propaganda. Penalties should be draconian, because scum such as the BBC World TV Feminist Political Party and the United Nations bureaucracy have enslaved people's minds with their man-hating (misandristic) lies. People are not free if they have no access to the truth. If their minds are enslaved by sexist lies, then they are truly slaves, and I wonder if any means of overthrowing this Goebbels-like regime is too extreme to be justified by later historians.


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