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The Sexist Liar, Polly Toynbee

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On the BBC World News programme Dateline London, on March 3, 2013, I heard the Guardian journalist Polly Toynbee say, in relation to the Catholic Church, that any organisation composed solely of men was bound to be corrupt.  Now, the implication is obviously that they would not be corrupt if they were composed, wholly or partly, of women.  Not only is that grossly sexist, but it is inconceivable that Toynbee has any evidence that would prove that to be true.  Moreover, no other journalist on the Dateline panel of about six journalists commented on -- let alone criticised -- that obscenely sexist lie.  If there is anything in the World which men have been in a position to do, but women haven't -- and it is bad -- then you get lying, sexist feminists like Toynbee saying that only men do it.  Another example is the sexist, feminist lie that the World would be more peaceful if women ruled it.  You don't hear that particular lie so often nowadays-- now that women have been in a position to start more wars than they used to be!  See: Women and War

From the outside, Britain seems like a very anti-male country.  I'm thinking of the fact that, apparently, women used to be able to retire at an age that was five years earlier than men could retire -- although I think that has been equalised, under the pressure of the ageing nature of the population.  Britain now allows women to ascend the throne on the same basis as men -- but the Government is considering abolishing women's prisons!  It's not as if the reasoning is at all intelligent.  After all, we've got feminists involved here, so it can't be intelligent!!


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