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Leftist Bias on BBC World TV

Copyright Peter Zohrab (2003)

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In the afternoon or evening of Wednesday 26th November 2003, U.K. Time (i.e. the next morning in New Zealand), I saw on BBC World TV an episode of the interview programme "Hardtalk" which showed the most blatant exhibition of Leftist media bias that I have ever observed. This Leftist bias is almost always present, of course, but most journalists try to conceal it most of the time.

This episode was not hosted by Tim (Never Criticise A Feminist) Sebastian, but by one of his stand-ins. It was an interview with Don McKinnon, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth.

The interviewer cited the adverse views of two major UK newspapers with regard to the Commonwealth. The first paper cited was the Daily Mail, which used strong language about the Commonwealth, including the word "corrupt", or one of its cognates. The interviewer then said something to the effect that, of course, many people wrote off the Daily Mail because of its right-wing views. Then he quoted some likewise negative (but less strongly expressed) anti-Commonwealth views that had appeared in the Guardian. He did not say that anyone wrote off the Guardian because of its left-wing views (though I myself do -- and, in fact, there is a term "Guardian-Reader", which stands for a fairly predictable set of opinions. This term was in common use when I was in the UK in the 1980s.)

It is obvious to any critical media-watcher that journalistic culture is crawling with people who regard right-wingers as biased, and left-wingers as objective (See: Left-Wing Media Bias ), but this was the most blatant and overt expression of that culture that I have ever seen. What makes that bias even more insane in this context is that Don McKinnon is a former Deputy Leader of the New Zealand National (right-wing) Party ! Why would he agree with a biased, left-wing BBC journalist, saying that a right-wing newspaper was biased ? I was until recently a member of that same party, and I can say without fear of contradiction that National Party members are well aware of anti-right bias in the media -- as are right-wingers all over the Western World.

Of course, these biased, Left-Wing journalists are always repeating (as a smoke-screen) the well-known myths about right-wing media bias, which is allegedly caused by the ownership of the media concerned, but it is obvious that most owners have little or no control over the slant that is put on news and current affairs programmes in the Western World.


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