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BBC Feminist Political Party Interferes in New Zealand Election

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At 3:00 PM GMT on Friday 16 September 2005, the BBC Feminist Political Party's News programme deliberately interfered in New Zealand's internal affairs (its general election campaign) by broadcasting a blatant lie (see below) about the National Party's position on US military nuclear ships. This is the issue which the New Zealand Labour Party has the greatest advantage on, compared to the National Party, as regards popular support.

BBC World TV is broacast on free-to-air TV One in New Zealand (of course, TV One must pay the BBC for this) during our night-time, so that item was visible here at 3:00 AM on Saturday morning 17 September, the morning of the general election itself. Labour Party Leader and Prime Minister Helen Clark has said in an interview that she is an addict of BBC World TV, and (last I heard) the Head of News and/or Current Affairs at BBC World TV is a New Zealand woman.

The lie was that the New Zealand National Party had said that it would allow US nuclear ship visits, in an attempt to improve relations with the USA. The policy of banning US nuclear ships is the trump card which the Labour Party holds, because it is a very popular policy with the public, and the National Party is plainly embarassed by the fact that it would like to relax the policy, if possible, in order to improve relations with the US, but the National Party Leader has said repeatedly and very clearly that it would not change the policy without a referendum, and that it has no plans for such a referendum.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand National Radio Feminist Political Party recently mounted a publicity stunt, apparently (I didn't hear it myself) viciously attacking the Green Party in an interview, in order to combat the now widespread (and correct) impression that it is biased and Left-Wing.

It goes like this: the New Zealand National Radio Feminist Political Party realises that it has to appear neutral as between the two major parties (Labour and National), but it sees no need to be unbiased as between social movements or actual policies that are not in overt contention between these two parties. So it blatantly broadcasts Feminist propaganda, while denying Men's activists a voice, 99% of the time.

The above scenario does not constitute Democracy, so Revolution is just a matter of time.


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