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Peter Zohrab 2022

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(Open Letter to the Prime Minister)


Dear Jacinda Ardern,


Rhetorical Questions

  1. I am a Men's Rights activist, and my most hated enemy is a news organisation, which is called "Stuff"How can this be?

  2. There was a newpaper article about me, in which the term "Men's Rights Activist" was put in quotation marks, whereas the term "Feminist" is never put in quotation marks.  How can this be?

  3. The media have reported that many participants in the recent encampment of protesters at Parliament hated the mediaHow can this be? 

  4. The media have apparently made no attempt to find out why they hated the media.  How can this be?

  5. I also note that the Government is funding news organisations, including Stuff, and most of them are enemies of mine.  How can this be?



  • In its article, "Our Truth, Ta Matou Pono: Stuff introduces new Treaty of Waitangi based charter following historic apology," Stuff admits that it is a powerful organisation in its own right and that it has "had an enormous impact in shaping public thought in New Zealand and societal norms, not just reflecting them."  However, it goes on to pretend -- ludicrously -- that it is capable of examining itself, finding unconscious bias and then correcting it.  If bias is unconscious, then -- by definition -- you can't find it!  In fact, all that has happened is that the new owner of Stuff has rejected some of the biases of the previous owners and decided to promote a different set of biases.  What Stuff says the previous owners did to Maoris it now does to men, as the previous owners did too;  it promotes negative stereotypes of men and marginalises pro-male attitudes.  Media organisations decide which issues and stories to report on and which to ignore, which points of view to present in articles, which opinions to feature in opinion articles and which actual campaigns to mount (if any).  All these decisions can be -- and are -- subject to the influence of bias:  anti-male bias.  Moreover, it is against the public interest for media organisations to publish opinion articles or to mount particular campaigns.  People are duped into reading, watching, or listening to the media in order to to be informed about the news -- and then find themselves ambushed by whatever biases, opinions and campaigns that the media happen to favour.   Of course, the media are notoriously Leftist and yours is a Leftist government, so you may be quite happy about that.  However, that is anti-democratic and sooner or later the superficial, consitutional trappings of Democracy will disappear, when enough people realise that the actual substance of Democracy has disappeared.

  • The term "Men's Rights Activist" was put in quotation marks, because the Feminist media do not accept the legitimacy of the notion that men have rights.  Only women have rights in Feminist countries such as New Zealand.

  • The recent encampment of protesters at Parliament hated the media because the media are powerful and biased.  The media create a cultural environment, in which certain views -- the ones which the media promote -- are regarded as fashionable, normal, common, standard and moderate.  This makes opposing views seem unfashionable, abnormal, uncommon, deviant and/or extreme.  This results in the victimisation of people who hold views which are not publicised by the media, as I have myself experienced repeatedly.  For example, the women's organisation, TV3, ran a text headline on its AM Show on 8th March 2022 about prominent women mounting some campaign about so-called "gender-based violence,"  which is unscientific, anti-male hate-speech and dog-whistle.  See: References Examining Assaults by Women on their Spouses or Male Partners.

  • The media have apparently made no attempt to find out why the protesters hated the media, because the media know that the media are biased and don't care.  They enjoy their power to promote agendas which serve their own self-interest or increase their own self-esteem as supposed "do-gooders", supporting women's privileges against men's rights. 

  • The Government is funding news organisations, because most of the media favour Left-Wing policies, and the Government is composed of Left-Wing parties.  Government propaganda states that "The $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund will support New Zealand’s media to continue to produce stories that keep New Zealanders informed and engaged, and support a healthy democracy." That is a lie.  It is mere propaganda to talk about a "healthy" democracy, without explaining what that is supposed to mean.  It is extremely unhealthy for the biased media to dominate New Zealand politics and the protest at Parliament was a symptom of how sick the New Zealand political system is.

  • Here is yet another example of Stuff's anti-male bias.  On Jan 04 2022, Stuff ran the story, "Pensioner describes nightmare living on same street as gang associate." I sympathise with the pensioner, but I wnat to focus on the following sentence:

    "Neighbours said in recent months there had been many parties attended by patched gang members, seen fighting among themselves in the yard and assaulting women...."

    Notice the sexist double standard.  The patched gang members (males) are described as "fighting among themselves", whereas, if a female is fighting with a male, the situation is described as males "assaulting women"!  Since you probably still don't understand the point, it is that, if two people (male or female) are fighting, it must have started with one of them assaulting the other.  However, the biased report does not talk about patched gang members being seen assaulting each other or men and women fighting.  It assumes that any fight between a woman and a man starts with the man assaulting the woman.  There is research proving that that is not true.  See: Women Who Initiate Domestic Violence.   The article also contains the following sentence:

    "The pensioner had woken one night to find a woman had broken into her lounge through her locked front door,"

    so only sexist female entitlement would cause the neighbours or Stuff to assume that gang women are always victims and gang men are always perpetrators.

  • Here is another example of Stuff's anti-male bias.  Stuff ran the article, "'Irresponsible': Rape survivors' advocates Louise Nicholas and HELP slam TVNZ's Craig McLachlan interview,"  which attempted to stop TVNZ airing a (very rare) pro-male interview.  Stuff itself interviewed only advocates for the Feminist viewpoint.  So Stuff not only churns out Femnist propaganda -- it also actively tries to prevent any other viewpoint receiving any publicity! 

  • Here is another example of Stuff's anti-male bias.  As I have stated in my article Don't Support stuff.co.nz's Racism and Sexism and the Media's Culture of Lies, Stuff's article "For some women, there is only a thin line of defence against violent death" shows that the Stuff reporter thinks that she knows in advance that South Asian women always tell the truth and that South Asian men always tell lies. 

  • As a final example  of Stuff's anti-male bias, there was an "Opinion" article called "Do not comment on your girlfriend's thong bikini".  Stuff has no democratic right to promote certain opinions over the opinions of other people.  What makes Facebook, Google and the rest of the Internet so democratic is that there is much more equality and less bias than there is in the mainstream media.  Stuff is basically a women's organisation, so -- in true Feminist-Matriarchal style -- it runs an article where women give orders to men about what to do in their private lives!


Official Information Request

Under the Official Information Act, please inform me what plans the Government has to ban Stuff, or to force it to abandon its orgy of anti-male propaganda.


Yours sincerely,


Peter Zohrab



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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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16 March 2022