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Fake News TV Favours Flaky Female

Peter Zohrab 2017

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Soon after Jacinda ("Tooth-Monster") Ardern's success in gaining the Leadership of the New Zealand Labour Party (on 1st August 2017), I heard a right-wing commentator on television say that National Party MPs considered that she was a flake. That had been my impression as well.


On 2nd August, I was watching Parliament TV when she asked her first question in Parliament as Labour Party Leader:

'Does he stand by his statement, "our approach to housing is succeeding", given that just one in five New Zealanders under 40 own their own home?'

The Prime Minister, Bill English, answered as follows:

'Yes, although I would note that the member's figures include 16-, 17-, 18-, and 19-year-olds, where homeownership rates are likely to be pretty low....'


The reaction of both National and Labour MPs made it clear that that verbal exchange constituted a win for Bill English and a loss for the Flaky Tooth-Monster.


That was obviously big news, but "Fake News" TV One totally failed to mention it! The 6 O'clock News that evening focussed on the issue of whether Ardern's personality would be a potent force in the election and screened one of her follow-up questions to the Prime Minister, in which she did not seem to be such an obvious flake! It was perhaps significant that the news presenters were Wendy Petrie (as usual) and the back-up male, Peter Williams (replacing Simon Dallow). Simon is clearly less Feminist than Wendy Petrie, so I wonder if he had refused to front such a biased, pro-Labour item.

The next day, on the Fake News Breakfast programme, a left-wing commentator (invited onto the programme without any balancing right-wing commentator) accused Bill English of being "arrogant." Obviously, that was an attempt to compensate for the fact that Bill English had been shown in Parliament to be more intelligent than the flaky Tooth Monster!


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