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Feminism is about Equality. Yeah right.

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Student: Socrates, is Feminism about equality ?

Socrates: Who says that ?

Student: Feminists do.

Socrates: Do they give any reasons or provide any evidence of that ?

Student: Socrates, surely you know that women don't think logically !

Socrates: Well, what is the closest they come to giving a reason or evidence ?

Student: They say that men have been running the World.

Socrates: OK, so do they criticise men for not conscripting women soldiers into the frontline ?

Student: No.

Socrates: Well, do they criticise men for letting women live longer than men ?

Student: No.

Socrates: Do they even criticise men for doing most of the dirty and dangerous work ?

Student: No.

Socrates: They seem uninterested in equality, then! What have Feminists done to improve equality, if anything ?

Student: Women enter the police without meeting the same physical standards as men.

Socrates: That is inequality. What else ?

Student: Women can kill unborn children without asking the father (or the children).

Socrates: That is inequality. What else ?

Student: There is a higher penalty when a man hits a woman than when a woman hits a man.

Socrates: That is inequality. Men must be as stupid as women, to put up with this.


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