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The Fascist phrase "Equality for Women" and the Paradox of the Axe


Peter Zohrab 2022

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I recently spoke on the telephone with a viciously Fascist Feminist from the New Zealand branch of Amnesty International.


"Equality for Women" 

She used the phrase "equality for women" and refused to use the phrase "equality between men and women."

Logically, the two phrases must either mean the same as each other, or mean different things.

The phrase "equality for women" looks as if it should mean the same as "equality between men and women" -- except that it is ungrammatical.  You can't use the preposition "for" after the word "equality", unless you say something like "equality for men and women", which actually does mean the same as "equality between men and women". 

However, since the Feminist (and she stated that she was a Feminist) refused to use the phrase "equality between men and women" and insisted on using the phrase "equality for women", the two phrases must mean different things!  Therefore we can conclude that the phrase "equality for women" actually means "promoting women's self-interest and ignoring men totally."


The Paradox of the Axe

At one point, this Feminazi individual referred to the United Nations and its associated specialist organisations as being "reputable".  I denied this, pointing out that they had been taken over by Feminists.

If you buy an axe and keep it for many years, you may have to replace the handle and/or the head.  If an axe has two new handles and one new head, is it still the same axe?  That is the paradox of the axe.

Over many decades, more and more women have started getting jobs outside the home.  A lot of these women have been Feminists and have changed the policies of many of the organisations which they have joined.  So these organisations are no longer the same as they were previously -- just as an axe with two new handles and one new head is substantially different from the original axe.

So there is no point pretending that the United Nations, the media, educational institutions -- or Amnesty International -- are "reputable", just because they once were reputable.  They have almost all been highly influenced by Feminists or taken over by Feminists.

And Feminists, as we have seen above, are liars who pretend to want equality, but actually seek total domination!


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Someone has let women out of the kitchen -- and they have been telling lies ever since!




Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

26 August 2022