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Amnesty International are Human Rights Criminals (Open Letter)

Kevin Crump 2004

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To: Ced Simpson, Executive Director, Amnesty International, New Zealand

I am writing this to you in complaint of the article written in the news item of 09 May 2004 entitled:

"Home is where the hurt is, says abuse campaign."


I want you to know that I am absolutely disgusted that your organisation has made comments about domestic violence and labelled one particular gender as being the victim.

If you knew anything about Human Rights (and obviously it appears you don't) you would realise that gender does not come into the picture when Human Rights are involved. Human Rights are just that, they are rights that people have as humans and is irrespective of race, gender, colour of skin etc etc.

I notice in your article you don't mention men such as myself who are victims of abusive and violent females.

Why didn't you say in your article:

"We want to remind people that violence against men and women is affecting men and women whom we love, be it as father, mothers, partners or sons or daughters .........


You wrote in your atricle:

"We want people to stop and think". Oh yeah!! Why don't you stop and think yourself?? The article is what I would expect to be written by FemiNazis bent on anti-male propaganda. Your article to me is a blatant violation of "Human Rights".

You mention torture in your article.

How tortured do you think men are having their families torn apart and there being nothing they can do about it?

How tortured do you think men are who are robbed of their right to be a parent to their children?

How tortured do you think men are having to put up with your biased grubby little articles putting them down on the basis of their gender and making the female gender out to be the innocent victims. Sitting here now, I am personally anguished by your blatant disrespect and disregard for human rights, but if you think I'm going to sit here and take such abuse as a man from your grubby pathetic human rights violating organisation, then think again.

I am so saddened that your organisation has turned out to be human rights criminals. I really thought your organisation were in the world to challenge violations of human rights, how wrong I was.

In the past I have always given donations to your organisation when they had appeals on the streets. I assure you, I will never do that again. The next time I ever see a collector of yours on the streets I will confront them about the violations of human rights that your organisation commits.

Don't reply to this email, I've read enough from the sick and depraved minds of those in your organisation to last me for a very long time.

Unlike you, I will continue to work in the community for the welfare of people irrespective of their race or gender or colour of skin.


Thanks for nothing

Mr Kevin Crump (Victim Of Human Rights Atrocity)


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