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Issues: Gender Equity for Men

(See also: General Theoretical Issues and Human Rights for Men)

Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Abolish the Fascist Human Rights Commission!

Abolition of Men's Human Rights in New Zealand

Abstracts relating to Lesbian Domestic Violence

Abuse of Power and Intrusion into Privacy by New Zealand Broadcasters and by the New Zealand Parliament

Allegations by Victims: Paula Bennett Contradicts Herself

American Psychological Association and Why Men Should Go to University

Andrew Little Lies Like a Girl.

Another Taxpayer-Funded Man-Hater

Anti-Male Discrimination in a Human Rights Textbook

Australian Research on Domestic Violence

Ban the news company "Stuff!"

Banning Hate Organisations

Chen/Palmer Doesn't Understand Human Rights!

Coming New Zealand Civil War

Complaint to Human Rights Committee, Geneva, about Institute of Judicial Studies

Court Female Supremacism and Rule by Television

Crusher Collins Crushes Another Man!

Daterape Scenarios

Dedicating My Next Book to Jacinda Ardern

De-Dumbing Up: Rolling Back Feminism and Liberating Men

Delincuentes sexuales femeninas

Different Take on Ramesh Nair's Theory of Domestic Violence

Discrimination and Corruption by Ashley Bloomfield

Discrimination juridique au Québec: faits et chiffres


Double Standards in Sport and Employment

Dyked Out in New Zealand

Dykes Rule, OK: the disciplined Lesbian agencies of the New Zealand police and legal system

Epidemic of Political Stupidity in NaZealand

Equality before the Law

Equality Lie

Europa no ve a los hombres

Fake News Meets Fake Education:The Gross Incompetence of Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, Associate Professor Ian Lambie and TV3's Lisa Owen; also the Gross Corruption of the Ministry of Justice

Fake Personal Safety Statistics

Fascism of the EU Parliament's President

Fascist Green-Party Lardball and the Bonobofication of the Human Species

Female Court Staff's Entitlement to Unprofessional and Discriminatory Behaviour

Female Entitlement and Male Servitude

Female Selfishness & Male Chivalry

Female Violence and Domestic Violence Policy

Feminazi UN High Commissioner for Human Rights proves that Pinochet must have been a great man!

Feminist and Black Sexism and Racism Caused the Charlottesville Riot

Feminist Dog Whistling

Feminist Equality Means that Women Are Allowed to Assault Men

Feminist Hypocrisy

Feminist Sexism and Violence

Feminists 41 Rugby Union 13: the Stripper beats the Strippers

Funding for Male and Female Medications

Gender Differences in Domestic Violence: an Open Letter to Professor Fergusson

Green MP Jan Logie Proves that Women's Suffrage Should Be Repealed

Happy Wife; Happy Life: Academic Patriarchs as both Victims and Perpetrators of Female Supremacism

Hidden Dykes of Television New Zealand

"HOW CAN SHE SLAP?" Transcript: English Subtitles of Video of Several Men Assaulting One Man for Defending Himself Against a Female Aggressor on Indian Television

How the Media, the Police and the Universities Murder New Zealand Men

Human Rights Commission and the Outlawing of Feminism

Human Rights in China and New Zealand

Hypocrisy of UN Secretary-General on Human Rights

In Praise of Peter Conroy

Incompetence and Unprofessionalism of the American Psychological Association

Insanity, Equality and Democracy

Institute of Judicial Studies

Interests of Men

International Men's Criminal Court

Irrationality, Sexism & the Ministry for Women

Justice Ginsburg's Attempt to Head Off the Right to Life

Justice Minister Judith Collins is Incompetent (at best)!

Kiwi Males Beware: Somewhere Near You, Some Woman Is Having An Emotion!

Kiwi men should vote for New Zealand First in the 2017 General Election

Letting Men Off the Feminists' Meat-Hooks

Lying Female Witnesses

Lying Feminist Judge: Applying the Law AND some "Facts", or Applying the Law TO the Facts?


Lynda the Man-Hater

Male Politicians and Female Policies

Maori Men are the Main Victims of the Feminist Divide-and-Rule Strategy

Meghan go home! Duchess comes to New Zealand and tells lies.

Me Too Slutty: Why the "Me Too" Movement Proves that Women Should Lose the Right to Vote

Medicines for Men in the New Zealand Temple to Women

Mensonge concernant «l'égalité»

Mentira da igualdade

Mentira de la igualdad

Minister of Justice Acts Unfairly and in Secrecy.

Minister of Women's Police Covers Up Police Oppression of Men.

Ministry of Social Development's Report on the WINZ Murderer

Moronic Women at Oxford University

Mr. Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail can not get a fair trial in New Zealand.

Need to Abolish CEDAW or the United Nations Itself

New Zealand Matriarchy

New Zealand, the Nazi Germany of the South Pacific

Okin on Gender and Multiculturalism

On being sane in an insane country

Open Letter about Tranz Metro railway Discrimination and Cultural Lesbianism

Passive Power of Female Domination

Patriarchal Gender Equity

Paul McCartney and Gated Communities

Penis Envy, Breast-Feeding, and Child Sexual Abuse

Physically violent husband is a battered male

Police Culture and Anti-Male Bias Straight from the Pig's Mouth (Book Review)

Police Management Discriminating Against Older Male Police

Police State Rides Roughshod Over Human Rights.

Poodles, Paul Henry and Simon Dallow, Treat Men Like Mushrooms

Predetermination and Structural Discrimination Against Men

Prime Child Abuser Says "Do as I say!"

Prime Minister with a Degree in Conning People

Racist and Sexist Predetermination in the Media

Psychoanalysing the Minister of (ha! ha!) Justice

Remember Beyond Today ... Men Deserve some Credit, some Payback for Dangerous Service

Return of the Inquisition to Spain

Review of National Council of Women's charitable status

Rights Breached on Visit to Palmerston North Hospital on 3rd December 2018

Rule of Law, Human Rights and Organisational Culture: The Minister of Justice's Inquiry into the Human Rights Commission

Sack the Liar, Professor Janet Holmes!

Sexist and Racist Wellington City Council

Siegel's View of Abortion Aborts Both Men and Babies.

Sole Custody as Gendercide

Speaker Who Would Be King

Submission on proposed legislation against the incitement of hatred/hostility

Submission on the Abortion Legislation Bill 2019

Submission to the Law Commission on Women's Access to Justice

System is Rigged Against Donald Trump, because he is a Man!

Teacher Evaluations of the Performance of Boys and Girls

Totalitarian Bullying by the Retailer, "The Warehouse Group "

Transcript of TV journalist Cathy Newmanís grilling of Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson

TVNZ Enslaves Men

Two Sexist White Ribbon Bullies Bite the Dust!

Vice-President Biden Lies to Chinese Students.

Violencia mediática contra los hombres

Welcome to New Zealand, Jordan Peterson! (Annotated Partial Transcript of an interview with the Canadian Psychologist)!

White-Ribboned Shylock

Why does the Prime Minister Support a Discriminatory Campaign?

Why is Trump Trump?: A Reply to General Colin Powell

Woman's False Allegation Straight from the Pig’s Mouth

Women Bully chess.com Into Insanely Enforcing Lies

Women's TV and Women's Police Condone Sexual Assaults on Men.

World Economic Forum's "Global Gender Gap Index" Confidence Trick




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