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Dykes Rule, OK: the disciplined Lesbian agencies of the New Zealand police and legal system

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When I was studying for a Graduate Diploma in Political Science or Philosophy (I did both) at Victoria University of Wellington, one course I took was taught by Chris Eichbaum in the School of Government. One of his nastier actions was to mis-spell the name of the Chief Justice, Dame Sian Elias, as "Sean" (a male name), which evoked a shriek of laughter from one female student -- as no doubt it was intended to do. It was not relevant to refer to the Chief Justice's alleged sexuality in the context of his lecture, but it is relevant to refer to it here, in the context of the oppression of men.

The page http://www.kiwisfirst.com/judge-file-index/supreme-court-chief-justice-sian-elias/ says that she "is a very astute political operator" and that she has "a personal tendency to look the other way when it comes to misconduct by her fellow judges. This tendency fosters allegiance but not much professional respect from her colleagues." Lesbianism has long been closely connected with Feminism, although many Feminists are not Lesbians. On her watch, if I had not intervened by bringing these matters to the public's attention, the Institute of Judicial Studies (which teaches judges what to think) would still be teaching unedited Feminist propaganda under the undefined title of "Gender Equity", and all the heads of all the mainstream courts would still be female!

If Dame Sian Elias is a Lesbian Feminist who is a very astute political operator who fosters allegiance ... from her colleagues by looking the other way when it comes to misconduct by her fellow judges, would she be trying to impose Feminism onto the New Zealand legal system, and should she remain as Chief Justice, if she were? What chance would men -- especially a Men's Rights Activist, such as myself -- have of getting a fair trial in her legal System (N.B. I avoid calling it a "Justice System").

It is important to realise how disciplined the legal system is. When I was a mature student of Law at Victoria University of Wellington, in my second year I attended lectures in Torts, Public Law and Criminal Law in the morning, one after the other. Our Torts lecturer was Geoff McLay, who is now a Law Commissioner. At the start of our first lecture, the lecture hall was overcrowded, with students sitting on steps and in aisles. For no obvious reason, Geoff McLay (who was not yet a Professor in those days) burst into a tantrum and vented his spleen on the entire audience -- although it was not at all clear what was bugging him! I was appalled that the staff-student relationship in the Law Faculty was such that a lecturer thought he could get away with that sort of behaviour -- which he did, since he was later promoted to Professor. That shows how docile Law students are -- desperate to keep their heads down, their noses clean, and to achieve as good an academic result as they can manage!

This attitude prepares them well for working well in a system where everything is dependent on the whim, prejudice and political predilection of judges. When I was falsely accused of disorderly behaviour and assault, my lawyer advised me not to mention in court the fact that I had seen a butch Lesbian apparently giving instructions to the conspirators. I ignored his advice, the judge found me guilty, and he also slandered me in irrelevant ways into the bargain! It is perfectly OK for Lesbians to invent fictional theories about Domestic Violence which demonise men, but you can't even describe someone in court as a butch Lesbian when they obviously are one!

The Police are a Lesbian private army, devoted to attacking men. Before high-profile Civil Liberties lawyer, Mike Bott went to Law School, he was the President of the New Zealand Men's Rights Association, of which I was the Secretary. We discussed some of the anti-male publications which were issuing from the so-called "Ministry of Justice". On the Acknowledgements page of one of these publications (which was probably on Domestic Violence, as I recall) he pointed to about five names and stated, for each in turn, "She's a Lesbian." Some years later, I heard a news item which stated that what seemed to me to be quite a few of the same women had moved to Police National Headquarters.

I guess they had finished their work in the Justice Ministry and had been brought over by some senior Lesbian to convert the Police to man-hating on the topic of Domestic Violence, etc..


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