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Political Bias in the Criminal Cases Review Commission (slightly edited)

Peter Zohrab 2021

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(Open Letter to Criminal Cases Review Commission)


Dear Mr. Carruthers,


Concerns about Political Bias in the Criminal Cases Review Commission


Your Commission is located in Hamilton. Of course, you have to be located somewhere and you may appear more independent if you are elsewhere than in Wellington (in particular). However, Professor Margaret Wilson has long been associated with the Waikato University Law School in Hamilton and was also Attorney-General in a previous Labour Party government, at which time I phoned her office on at least one occasion. On the one occasion on which I recall phoning her Ministerial office, the woman who answered the phone, on hearing my name, hissed at me! I don't know what you think about staff in an Attorney-General's office hissing at members of the public, but -- to me -- that indicates that this country is somewhat insane!

I am worried that the same sort of insanity might affect certain people associated with the Criminal Cases Review Commission. After all, it was set up by a Labour Party minister.

An issue that I have with Waikato University relates to Neville Robertson, who teaches Psychology there. I suppose that you are aware of the legal principle "Audi Alteram Partem" ("Hear the other side"), which states that Natural Justice requires that you hear both sides in a situation where the facts are in dispute. Robertson and a colleague were largely responsible for the mass hysteria which resulted in the Domestic Violence Act 1995 (now renamed but mostly unchanged). As I pointed out in my article "Andrew Little Lies Like a Girl", Robertson has authored an article in which he makes it clear that he was only interested in the woman's side of a high profile event and that he literally didn't believe in objectivity! I have studied Psychology at Massey University and found a lecturer there, too, who didn't believe in objectivity. I take it that the legal system still claims to believe in objectivity!

On your website, you say that you are totally independent from Ministers, the courts and relevant Crown organisations such as Police, the Department of Corrections, the Ministry of Justice and the Crown Law Office. That is very good. However, you do not state that you are independent of the universities, including Waikato University. Of course, you may be taking at face value the myth that universties are ivory towers which are dedicated to the unbiased pursuit of truth -- but everyone knows that the universities often have corporate political agendas and contain many lecturers who use their positions to pursue their own (e.g. Feminist) political agendas.

I note that the Establishment Advisory Group includes a Feminist activist (Professor Elisabeth McDonald) and a Maori activist (Professor Tracey McIntosh). I have been taught by Professor McDonald and, in my view, she is probably the most evil and ruthlessly anti-male person alive in New Zealand. When she taught me Crimes at Victoria University of Wellington's Law School, she was morally corrupt. She use two of her lecture hours to subject the class to straight-out Feminist propaganda on Domestic Violence and Rape (respectively). She told us beforehand that the content was not examinable, so we did not have to attend. In other words, she used university facilities, our time, her paid time, our fees and people's taxes to shove propaganda down our throat which was not part of the course! The Domestic Violence hour was used to show us an emotive UK video, which was nearly or totally devoid of research facts or statistics. The Rape hour was given over to a couple of young female activists from Rape Crisis. They mentioned statistics, so I asked to see them. They said they would give them to me after the lecture. After the lecture I went to talk to them, but they told me to get the statistics from their website. When I went to their website, I found no statistics there!

At the next lecture by McDonald after the Domestic Violence video, I sat at the front right of the class and put up my hand to ask a question. After some hesitation, she allowed me to ask my question. I asked why she had showed an emotive propaganda video to the class, which was composed of future lawyers, judges and other potentially powerful people. She had no answer to my question. One day soon after, our class was taken by a prosecutor or former prosecutor from Hawkes Bay, whose name was Manning, I think. I again sat at the front right of the class and put up my hand to ask a question. He looked at me, looked away, and gave me no chance to ask my question! This was supposed to be a university!


Parekawhia McLean

The current Chief Executive Officer is Parekawhia McLean. According to a media release on your website,

"Ms McLean’s role includes supporting the Commissioners to oversee the review and investigation of convictions and sentences and decide whether to refer them to an appeal court; providing an outreach and education programme; and if required, undertake systemic inquiries. "

Since Parekawhia McLean does not appear to have a Law degree, I am very concerned that she has the power to decide whether to refer cases to an appeal court. That seems to me to be totally inappropriate.

Much more important than that, even, is the fact that she is obviously gynocentric and ethnocentric -- having worked both for the Ministry of Women's Affairs and for an Iwi. If she undertakes systemic inquiries, it seems to me to be predetermined that she will find that there is systematic discrimination against women and/or Maoris and there is absolutely no chance that she will find that there is systematic discrimination against men and/or Non-Maoris -- whatever the facts.

There are countless examples of politically driven predetermination of bias against women and/or Maoris by the Human Rights Commission, Labour-led governments, the media and the education system. It is very important to mention the Black Lives Matter movement in this context, as it actually -- statistically speaking -- should be a Men's Lives Matter movement. I refer you to my article, '"Black Lives Matter" Movement is Sexist and Racist'.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Zohrab


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

5 May 2021