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Bias in the case: R v Danny Brian Mayes

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It is amazing how many lies citizens of liberal democracies "know" to be obviously true. It's a measure of how brainwashed we are by the MUC (Media-University Complex). Two of these lies, for example, are:

  1. that men commit most, by far, of the violent crimes and most, by far, of the sexual crimes that get committed; and

  2. that women are the victims of most, by far, of the violent and sexual crimes.

I'm not going to try to disprove all this in one little article. Those who want to can look for the statistics elsewhere on this website, or at places such as http://www.fatherhoodcoalition.org/cpf/newreadings/2001/DV_citations.htm .

However, some people would be more convinced by an individual case history, than by impersonal statistics. Moreover, many people might suffer from the delusion that the Police are fair and impartial in the way they treat men and women. For both these reasons, I'd like to mention aspects of the Sentencing Notes in the New Zealand murder case R v Danny Brian Mayes T8/02 - 19/12/02 Hammond J.

Mr. Mayes had pleaded guilty to murdering his girlfriend, Karnia Carswell. Here are some relevant excepts from the Sentencing Notes:

"That relationship was somewhat 'on again, off again'. It attracted its share of difficulties. There were allegations both ways. At times Mr. Mayes was physically abusive towards Karnia; and for his part, Mr Mayes considered that Karnia (who had drug difficulties) forced herself on him and took advantage of him, and his drugs. There is scientific evidence to support the latter...." (N.B. The Judge says that there were "allegations" both ways, but Mr. Mayes' physical abuse is stated as if it were a fact, whereas Karnia's abuse of him is treated as a mere opinion of Mr. Mayes'. On the face of it, it appears to be anti-male sexism on the part of the judge.)

There is no indication that Danny Mayes complained to the police that Karnia had "forced herself on him" -- i.e. what a non-sexist legal system would call "rape". Such female-on-male rapes might well be common in Western societies. However, Western legal systems are notorious for treating women as incapable of carrying out sexual offences.

"... Karnia divulged to Mr. Mayes that she was on a methadone programme when she had her first child. Mr. Mayes commented, 'oh you got a junkie baby'. There was then a fight between Karnia and Mr. Mayes which escalated to a level that the police were called. Mr. Mayes was arrested and charged with assault." (That is a clear case of anti-male discrimination by the Police: it is quite obvious that the fight must have been started by Karnia, who was on the receiving end of a very hurtful remark by Danny Mayes. His remark might well be classified as psychological abuse, but it was not assault. Anyway, the Police would never let a man off if he assaulted his girlfriend after she had made a cutting remark against him !)

"A week later (on the morning of 22 May 2002) Mr. Mayes appeared in the Napier District Court. He pleaded guilty to assaulting Karnia. His bail conditions included terms that he was not to associate with Karnia, and he was not to consume alcohol." (N.B. The fact that he pleaded guilty is no indication that he actually was guilty. In cases of domestic violence between a man and a woman, the man is almost automatically presumed to be the guilty party, and any attempt to convince a court to the contrary would admittedly be heroic, but probably futile, without the assistance of a competently pro-male lawyer, who are almost nonexistent -- see: famsecrt.html#Domestic ).

"When Mr. Mayes went back to his home from his court appearance, Karnia was in fact outside his house. He told her of this court order. She was asked by him to leave. But then Karnia went inside Mr Mayes (sic) house and asked him for money. She was given some money by him, and initially used it for a taxi to go to her mother's home. She returned later that evening to Mr Mayes (sic) house, having brought (sic) a bottle of bourbon with some of the money that Mr Mayes had given her. She had that bottle of bourbon with her." (In what is probably a typical scenario, this woman, having got her boyfriend arrested for Domestic Violence by starting a fight, now causes him more trouble by placing him in breach of his bail conditions.)

"An altercation then developed between Mr Mayes and Karnia. It is difficult to know the precise details. It is highly likely that they were of a relatively petty character. But undoubtedly Karnia threw a mirror inside Mr Mayes (sic) house, and she became very aggressive. So much so, that a neighbour who lived across the road was summoned. He actually got Karnia 'down' and held her by more or less lying on her on the porch, whilst the police were called." (This use of the passive -- "was summoned" and "were called" -- downplays the trauma of what the couple were going through. It makes it sound like a detached account of a scientific experiment. Who called the neighbour and then the Police ? Presumably Danny Mayes called the neighbour and also the Police. If it had been a female victim of male aggression, the Judge would have said, "She had to call the neighbour" and then "She had to call the Police". Danny's feelings, property rights, and right to be free from assault by a woman are censored out by this clinical use of the passive. In fairness to the judge in this case, however, I should add that he did state: "In his own way, he is every bit as battered (in moral terms) in his mind, as a battered woman." However, it is not clear that the judge is taking the politically incorrect step of actually recognising here that Karnia battered Danny. The context was a discussion of Danny's "affective syndrome". As can be seen from: famsecrt.html#Domestic , the New Zealand Judicial System does not recognise men as having feelings that women can hurt.)

"A police officer arrived. The situation was such that this officer found it necessary to handcuff Karnia to a post on the porch. He was on duty, on his own, and he needed to separate Mr Mayes and Karnia whilst he endeavoured to calm the situation down."

"When Mr Mayes and Karnia, in particular, had become somewhat calmer, both gave the police officer assurances that there would be no further problems. He accepted those assurances. He left, and Mr Mayes and Karnia returned inside the house." (Why didn't the Police officer arrest Karnia for Domestic Violence ? She was obviously the more violent of the two on that occasion. Both the neighbour and the police officer had had to lie on top of her or handcuff her to restrain her. Only gross Police anti-male sexism can explain the fact that Karnia was not arrested on both occasions.)

Later, Danny and Karnia had another fight, and (according to Danny) Karnia threatened to get a Maori gang onto him, and/or get someone to kill him. He stabbed Karnia to death. What choice did he have ? He told the police later:

"I thought about being at Court today because of her and stabbed her."

She had raped him, and the Police would not have been interested in stopping her from doing it again. She had started two (or three) fights, one of which had resulted in the Police arresting him, instead of her.

In addition to that, in December 1989 Danny had been sentenced to three months imprisonment for "male assaults female". This is a sexist offence which is still the Law of the Land because Justice Minister Phil Goff refuses to abolish it. There is a higher maximum penalty for this offence than for common assault. Especially as that imprisonment was quite possibly the result of another assault on him by a woman, Danny would be right to conclude that there is no justice for men in New Zealand. The Law is Women's Law.

The sexist, anti-male Police killed Karnia. The Feminazi universities killed Karnia with their anti-male propaganda. The Feminazi media killed Karnia with their anti-male propaganda. The Feminazi politicians and bureaucrats killed Karnia with their anti-male propaganda. Justice Minister Phil Goff is morally responsible for the death of Karnia and for Danny's imprisonment for murder. Danny should be freed and Phil Goff should be imprisoned in his place !


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