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Legal Bias Against Men (updated)

Peter Zohrab 2016

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(Open Letter to the Minister of Justice)


Dear Amy Adams,


Under the Official Information Act, could you please tell me what plans your Government has drawn up to reduce or completely remove bias against men in the New Zealand justice system?

I refer specifically to the report:

Sentencing in New Zealand: a statistical analysis, by Sue Triggs, Ministry of Justice 1999, http://www.justice.govt.nz/publications/publications-archived/1999/sentencing-in-new-zealand-a-statistical-analysis

which states on page 129 that:


…females are more likely than males to receive community service, community programme or no sentence and less likely to receive a prison sentence, periodic detention or a monetary penalty.


Of course, the particular sentences available to judges have changed since 1999, but that is not likely to have had any effect on the bias that the above report reveals.



Yours sincerely,


Peter D. Zohrab


I received the following reply:




In other words, the Government has drawn up NO plans to reduce or remove the bias against men that exists in the New Zealand justice system.


See also:





Peter Douglas Zohrab

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3 May 2021