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Why does the Prime Minister Support a Discriminatory Campaign? (updated)

Peter Zohrab 2016

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Dear Mr. Key,

Under the Official Information Act, could you please inform me whether the reason that you support the White Ribbon Campaign is that your wife insisted that you become a White Ribbon Ambassador, as a condition to her agreeing to your entering politics. Your support for this sexist and irrational campaign was particularly important during your time as Prime Minister, but it is still important now that you are apparently about to become a back-bencher.

  • The White Ribbon Camapign igores female violence against men and focuses solely on male violence against women.

  • The research evidence overwhelmingly shows that women are just as violent against men as vice-versa -- see Professor Fibert's annotated bibliography at https://web.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm .

  • It is undemocratic for a non-elected person (your wife) to wield such influence.

  • The support of a Prime Minister (or Member of Parliament) for the White Ribbon Campaign is bound to influence the attitude of the huge number of naive and misinformed people who populate our country -- including the Police and judges -- especially as the Feminazi media and universities are grotesquely one-eyed and anti-male on gender issues.

  • Section 21(1)(a) of the Human Rights Act (1993) states that discrimination on the grounds of sex is prohibited.

  • Whether or not your behaviour technically falls under the Human Rights Act, it does amount to an incitement to other people, such as the Police and judges, to discriminate against men as regards Domestic Violence.

  • You are perfectly intelligent and rational enough to know that you are discrimnating against men -- unlike a lot of women, who are irrational and have a strong tendency to tell lies..

  • Your support for the White Ribbon Campaign makes the job of people who speak the truth on this issue very much harder, since you are a good-looking person with a smooth personality and a total lack of visible integrity -- in other words, a perfect con-man!

  • Your support for the White Ribbon Campaign enables the moronic, man-hating Police and judges to discriminate against men when they PRETEND to deal with allegations of Domestic Violence.

  • I frequently get assaulted by women, but I have no recourse in Law, because Fascists like you cause the authorities to prejudge situations as involving female victims and male perpetrators.


In due course I received the following reply:




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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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29 January 2017