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Two Sexist White Ribbon Bullies Bite the Dust!

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I am not going to make any jokes about New Zealand Prime Minister John Key opening a chain of hairdressing salons when he leaves politics; instead, I am going to ask the question: What do John Key and philanthropist Owen Glenn have in common? The answer is that both men support anti-male , domestic violence campaigns -- but then they came a cropper, when they came under suspicion of having committed similar crimes.

Anyone who supports the White Ribbon Campaign is a vicious sexist scum. For example, ex-judge Boshier now heads the White Ribbon Campaign in New Zealand. I was the one who (I believed*) forced this bastard out of his position as Principal Family Court Judge, by pointing out that he had twice stated publicly that:

"if you've got a mother applying for sole care, it's logical (my emphasis) she's probably going to get sole care"

This was in the context of

subsection 4(4) of the Care of Children Act 2004, which states quite clearly that:

"For the purposes of this section, and regardless of a child’s age, it must not be presumed that placing the child in the day-to-day care of a particular person will, because of that person’s sex (my emphasis), best serve the welfare and best interests of the child."

As Principal Family Court Judge, Boshier was the PRINCIPAL PERSON IN THE WHOLE OF NEW ZEALAND with regards to enforcing and implementing the Care of Children Act 2004!



It is important to understand the psychology of male politicians like John Key and male billionaires like Owen Glenn. Basically, they are competing with other men, and -- having achieved great success (John Key has done it in two separate fields!) -- they feel superior to other men. As a form of bullying, they like to do favours to women and oppress (bully) other men.

It amounts to a huge favour to women, and vicious bullying of men, for prominent men of their ilk to push the Feminist lying propaganda line that male violence is somehow more prevalent or more serious than female violence towards men (See Professor Fiebert's Annotated Bibliography of Domestic Violence Research). The result of this bias is that men hesitate to report female violence towards them to the police, and so the police statistics report that many fewer men than women report being the victim of domestic violence! Since the entire police force has only about two brain cells between them, this leads them to conclude that they are quite right to focus on male violence towards females!



Nowadays, it is practically compulsory for journalists to be either female, or stupid, or both. Some (probably female) journalist asked him if his pulling of a waitress' hair was sexist, which was a really stupid question, because the evidence is that he is sexually attracted to hair, and -- anyway -- it is obviously not sexist to be attracted to one sex rather than another!

Similarly, I was once discussing my criminal case with a female police employee in a police station, where a discriminatory White Ribbon Campaign poster was prominently displayed on a wall. In fact, it was the only poster I could see, as I spoke to her. I happened to mention to her having seen a butch Lesbian, who appeared to be connected to the false allegations in question. As soon as I said that, the woman reacted with shock, saying that I was being prejudiced. But it is clearly not prejudiced to say that someone obviously appears to be a butch Lesbian. It would have been prejudiced if I had said, or implied, that there was something wrong with being a butch Lesbian -- but I had not done that. But what made her reaction particularly insane was the presence of the overtly and viciously prejudiced White Ribbon Capaign poster on the wall!

The New Zealand Police, the New Zealand Judiciary and the New Zealand legal profession are to a greater or lesser extent Lesbian Feminist colonies which are carrying out a war on men.



The above shows the stupidity of the Feminists' belief in the Frontman Fallacy: the notion that the predominance of men in decision-making positions proves that men are oppressing women. In fact, since men compete with other men, they are actually oppressing other men! Western women, on the other hand, have been taught that Lesbianism is good Feminist practice, so many women in power also oppress men. That whole scenario is what my book calls the DUAM: Dykismo's Unholy Alliance with Machismo.



* However, I may have been flattering myself a bit here!


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