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In Praise of Peter Conroy

Peter Zohrab 2017

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Peter Conroy* was the Secretary and driving force of the Equal Parental Rights Association (EPRA), in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. I joined that Association in the 1990s, in its terminal phase, and formed a section to concentrate on the wider issues affecting both men and fathers, because the Association had not previously had much of a focus on theoretical issues. Out of that section later emerged the New Zealand Men's Rights Association.

I want to praise Peter Conroy because no one else appears to do so. He appeared to be an alcoholic (brought on, no doubt, by stress) and has been criticised for allegedly telephoning the then Principal Family Court Judge (Mahoney, I think his name was) and abusing him -- thus angering and alienating the judge.

My source of information on these matters was someone who was later active and helpful in the New Zealand Men's Rights Association, so I don't want to mention his name, because it would be disproportionate to criticise him by name, in view of his overwhelmingly positive contribution in other respects.

That source claims that it was the President of the EPRA, not the Secretary, Peter Conroy, who achieved most of the Association's successes. However, that source was unable to name the President, when asked! Therefore I conclude that it was actually Peter Conroy who was responsible for both the positive and allegedly negative aspects of the EPRA's activities.

There is not enough respect or understanding shown towards such Men's/Fathers' leaders such as Peter Conroy. They are up against not only the Feminists, but also the education system and the media, which are grossly pro-female and anti-male. Moreover, the leaders of such organisations get harassed and victimised by Feminists who work in customer-service roles, such as receptionists and shop assistants. They also get intimidated by implied threats of false allegations, and so on. For example, one father in Auckland used to phone me from time to time to discuss Men's Issues, and he said he was collecting data in order to do a study on anti-male bias in the media. However, it turns out that he now has custody of his children and is afraid that anti-Feminist political activism on his part might count against him in the Fanily Court! I have to wonder if some Feminist made him fear that or if he just generated that fear on his own initiative. He calls me "unselfish" for being outspoken, but the point is that you can't make omelettes without cracking eggs.

Peter Conroy was unselfish and became a cracked egg.

I am not generally in favour of the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement, because it is not clear what -- if anything -- these men are trying to achieve TOGETHER. It almost seems as if they are just trying to marginalise themselves! However, it is clear they they envisage a life without women. The point is that all aspects of law, custom and life in many countries are being systematically "reformed" in order to benefit women and disadvantage men. So the more men have to do with women, the more they will be disadvantaged. Since men frequently come across women who act in a powerful and abusive manner -- backed by the power of the State -- no man with brains can possibly continue to have the same attitude towards women as previous generations of men did.

Yet there are a lot of men who are so young or so stupid that they don't know that things don't have to be this way. The universities seems to have relatively few male students in them these days, so people who go to university these days may go there because they are (a) female, (b) stupid or (c) both. Because of the Feminist domination of Society, there seems to be a real Cult of Stupidity. For example, a Biology lecturer said to me last year at Victoria University of Wellington that I was too smart for my own good and I was once assaulted by a Down's Syndrome girl (a complete stranger) -- presumably on the instructions of her mother, who was nearby. And the viewers of TV3's AM Show are so stupid that 85% of them (at least, of those who voted) seem to think that New Zealand's national women's rugby team ought to be paid a salary! Bear in mind that female players never play against male players, but men are forced to put up with women being paid the same as they are in every occupation where it suits women for that to be the case!! There has even been so-called "Pay Equity" legislation to force female-majority occupations to have the same pay rates as male-majority occupations!!! So why don't they abolish women's apartheid sports competitions and force women to play in men's competitions!?


* Not to be confused with the Fathers' Rights Activist, Peter Conway, who apparently committed suicide in the South Island.


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