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Stalinist-Lesbian-Maori Medicines Policy Cons the People and Destroys Democracy and Human Rights.

Peter Zohrab 2022

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(Open Letter to the Minister of Health, Andrew Little, the Minister of Whanau Ora, Peeni Henare, and the Associate Minister of Health, Ayesha Verrall)



New Zealand is a place which indulges in political conspiracies. 

  1. In 1984, the Labour Party won a general election and proceeded to implement an agenda of radical right-wing economic reforms that it had planned, but that it had not mentioned to the voters prior to the election, which was highly undemocratic;

  2. In 1986, the same Labour Government passed the State-Owned Enterprises Act, which crucially referred to the so-called "principles of the Treaty of Waitangi", although that Treaty does not mention any principles and the State-Owned Enterprises Act did not define these so-called "principles"!  This was an open invitation to the activist Court of Appeal undemocratically to create some so-called "principles", which it did in a biased and racist way, in the famous "Lands Case". This sequence of events was highly undemocratic, because Parliament is democratically elected by the people and should have defined any crucial terms in this legislation, rather than leaving it to some unelected judges to make them up.  The leading judge in that case later received a Peerage, which is almost unheard of in New Zealand. 

  3. This Labour Government came to power as the result of an election, where the Right-Wing vote was split between the then ruling National Party, under Robert Muldoon, and the new, short-lived New Zealand Party, created by Robert Jones, which proposed the same sorts of  Right-Wing economic policies as the newly-elected Labour Government then proceeded to implement!  No conspiracy has been proved, as far as I know, but this is certainly a suggestive set of circumstances!  Jones received a knighthood!

  4. A few years ago, I was assaulted by a Maori woman on a train, but was myself then convicted of assault in the District Court, because of the lies told (mainly) by a group of White women.  I consider this to have been a conspiracy.  Then I appealed to the High Court, and found that the judge who heard the case was another Maori woman!  She turned down my appeal.  I later applied to the Criminal Cases Review Commission for a review of my case, where I found that the CEO was also a Maori woman!!  That Commission also turned down my application.  This repeated subjection of myself to the assault and then hostile legal decisions of Maori women was not a coincidence, in my view.  Moreover, I was even told by someone who looked like a Police Cadet that it had been "a combined operation", although I don't know if he was telling the truth or just trying to make me feel paranoid.  This happened when I was close to a group of young Police officers or Police cadets near the Police Headquarters on Molesworth street, Wellington, when I was attending my appeal at the High Court (which is also on Molesworth Street).




  • In 2019, I extracted from Pharmac (New Zealand's drug-buying agency) -- with some difficulty -- the information that it had spent almost twice as much on drugs for female-only cancers as for male-only cancers in the calendar year 2018. 

  • I note also that men die, on average, 3.5 years earlier than women

  • The Terms of Reference which the Government laid down for the Committee which it set up to review PHARMAC are sexist and racist.  They state that "The purpose of the Review and the recommendations it makes are to ensure that New Zealanders can have confidence that PHARMAC makes the best contribution it can to improving health outcomes for all New Zealanders, particularly Maori and Pacific peoples, as part of the wider health and disability system" and that one of the two key issues is "Whether PHARMAC’s current objectives (with emphasis on equity for Maori and Pacific peoples) maximise its potential to improve health outcomes for all New Zealanders as part of the wider health system, and whether and how these should be changed." 

  • These terms of Reference totally ignore men and ethnic minorities other than Maori and Pacific peoples. 

  • Maoris die, on average, about seven years earlier than Non-Maoris, and Pacific peoples die, on average, about two years later than Maoris -- so about five years earlier than Non-Maoris in general.  Note also that Asian New Zealanders live longer than Europeans and Europeans live longer than Pacific peoples.  So the only reason that the Stalinist-Lesbian-Maori Medicines policy prioritises Maoris and Pacific peoples and ignores men is that the Labour Party hates men and Whites, but loves women, Maoris and Pacific peoples.

  • There is no attempt to provide evidence that the needs of men and Non-Pacific ethnic minorities are being properly catered for.


The Abolition of Democracy

So I find it suspicious that New Zealand's current Justice Minister, Kiri Allan, has recently got Parliament to pass a Bill which gives slightly more teeth to the New Zealand Bill of Rights.  The reason I find this suspicious is that this event tends to divert attention from the gross breach of Human Rights which is involved in the Government's policy regarding the funding of medicines, which will have much more impact on people's lives than a subtle change to the way that the odd, rare Supreme Court decision under the New Zealand Bill of Rights will affect Parliament. The Pharmac Review Final Report totally ignores the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (BORA) and the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which is the reason why BORA was passed by the New Zealand Parliament in the first place.  Instead, the report chooses to mention the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  The report selects these international agreements arbitrarily, and without any attempt to explain why it has selected these documents and ignored others.  The reason is that these Stalinists, Lesbians and Maoris want to ignore men.  It is amazing that they did not mention the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and demand that women live TEN years longer than men -- not just 3.5 years longer!

The ruthless way in which the Terms of Reference (and hence the Report) use the word "equity", without basing this on any constitutional or legal document whatsoever, is particularly disturbing.  The Labour Party is obviously intent on building a coalition between Leftists, Lesbians, Maoris and Pacific peoples, on rewarding them, and on ignoring everybody else!  Here is my summary of how Feminists use the word "Equity":

Young Feminist: How can we achieve our goal of complete Matriarchy and total control over men and children?

Feminist "Expert": We just need to keep calling it demanding equality or equity!

Young Feminist: Which is better: "equality" or "equity"?

Feminist "Expert": "Equity" is much better!! It could mean absolutely anything, you see. If you say you want equality, people might actually count up and measure all the privileges that women have, compared to men!



The Mentality of Ministers

Lesbians tend to be unaware that men exist -- except as rivals or enemies.  In this, they are similar to most male politicians, who seem to think that men only exist in order to do things for women!  The Associate Minister of Health, Ayesha Verrall, is a Lesbian, and so are Justice Minister, Kiri Allan and Heather Simpson, one of the authors of the report. 

I think that Health Minister Andrew Little (a former union leader) believes in the Bible as written by Marx and Engels (i.e. the Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital, etc.).  Many years ago, when I went to Wellington Hospital on an outpatient visit, I came across a demonstration by striking health workers.  Andrew Little, then a union leader, was present, I think.  Someone pointed me out to him and he laughed.  I have long been a prominent Men's Rights activist, and Leftists tend to think that it is funny to think of men as having Human Rights. 

I don't have any comment on Peeni Henare's mentality, since I don't know much about him.  However, Maoris are engaged in a zero-sum game with Non-Maoris (or vice-versa, if you prefer to put it that way).



If so-called "Democracy" ignores Human Rights, the people will eventually and automatically seek a better system!


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

19 September 2022