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Submission to the Maori Affairs Committee of Parliament on the Wellbeing of Maori children

© Peter Zohrab 2012

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Item of business : Inquiry into the determinants of wellbeing for Maori children

Submission name : Peter Zohrab

Kia ora. Ko Peter au. Ko Zohrab te hapu, ko Manuchariants te iwi, ko Ararat te maunga, ko Euphrates te awa.

I am sure that researchers on your staff or the Parliamentary Library would be able to provide you with copies of studies into fatherlessness in Maori families, which is much higher than in other families. It is the same with Blacks in the USA. The similarities do not stop there, but also include education, income, crime, and so on.

It is much harder for a step-parent (I would think) to control a child, because a child tends to miss and respect his absent natural parent (father). It is easy to see violence taking place, when child and step-parent do not respect and love each other.

So I suggest that the key is to go back to a time when divorce and separation were harder to get. In addition, resources (e.g. jobs) must be placed in the hands of Maori men, because women like men with money, and crime is the only route to money and women for some men.

I have flatted, in total, with two Maori men and three Maori women and girls, and none of them was violent, as far as I know. However, I have come across some aggressive Maori women. All this business of wearing white ribbons and promoting Women's Refuge is sexist and destructive. It rewards female violence and punishes men for standing up for themselves.

Have a look at this annotated bibliography of domestic violence research (which includes New Zealand studies), which shows that women are just as violent as men: www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm

Nga Mihi


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