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Race Issues

Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Abolish the Fascist Human Rights Commission!

Abolition of Human and Environmental History

Ban Sporting Links with South Africa!

"Black Lives Matter" Movement is Sexist and Racist


Chinese Neo-Colonialism in New Zealand

Court Female Supremacism & Rule by Television

Discrimination is always Negative.

Don't Support stuff.co.nz's Racism and Sexism and the Media's Culture of Lies

Dyked Out in New Zealand

Epidemic of Political Stupidity in NaZealand

Ethnic Cleansing and Racial Bullying by the People Who Brought You the Chatham Islands Genocide

Fake News Meets Fake Education:The Gross Incompetence of Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, Associate Professor Ian Lambie and TV3's Lisa Owen; also the Gross Corruption of the Ministry of Justice


Female Court Staff's Unprofessional and Discriminatory Behaviour

Feminazi Conspiracy and Family Violence Homicides


Feminist and Black Sexism and Racism Caused the Charlottesville Riot

Give back land, take away privileges

Government Hypocrisy and One Law For All

Heroism, Child Abuse, Race and Statistics


Incompetence of Chief Executive of Ministry of Social Development

Indigenous Rights, Morality, Estoppel & Mabo v Queensland

Inquiry into a Politically Motivated Conspiracy

Just Because the Maoris Didn't Come from Egypt, That Doesn't Mean They Didn't Build Pyramids!

Kiwi men should vote for New Zealand First in the 2017 General Election

Leftists Using Cameras to Tell Lies


Letters on Maori Linguistic Racism

Local Government Act & Macrons on Place Names

Logic of Entrenchment


Maori Men are the Main Victims of the Feminist Divide-and-Rule Strategy

Maori Party Interview on the New Zealand Constitution (Transcript)

Maori Steals From Non-Maori

Me Old Mate Tama Iti (not)

Minister of Education doesn't know what country he is working for.

Minority is Not Always Right

Multiculturalism and the Sex War

New Zealand Government's Vaccination Racism

No Evidence from Feminist Lawyers and No Statistics from the Feminist Media -- when it comes to Core Propaganda Issues


Okin on Gender and Multiculturalism

Opportunity comes knocking & Maoris seize the moment

Paul McCartney and Gated Communities

Petition for One Country, One Law, and One Electoral Roll

Physical Bullying, Racism, Sexism and Lies by Christchurch City Library Staff

Political Bias in the Criminal Cases Review Commission

Portland Call to Eliminate Destabilising Racist and Sexist Content by the Mainstream Media

Practical Tools to Defeat Apartheid

"Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi" Deletion Bill


Race-Sex Nexus

Racist and Sexist Predetermination in the Media

Racist and Sexist President Obama

Racist Deception in Science magazine

Racist Demonstrators Drown Out White Speaker and Listen to Brown Speaker

Racist Education System

Racist Feminist Leapfrogging

Racist, John Tamihere

Racist Maori Health Minister

Racist Maori Women

Racist, Nick Tipping

Racist Representation on Councils

Racist Television New Zealand

Racist Term "Colonialism"

Response to Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories curriculum content in national curriculum

Rev Williams got it right back in 1844


Say "No" to Cultures!

Scribblers who call themselves "Stuff" think that "New Zealand" is a silly name!

Send Hone Harawira Back to Taiwan!

Sexist and Racist Wellington City Council

Stalinist-Lesbian-Maori Medicines Policy Cons the People and Destroys Democracy and Human Rights.

Stupidity about the word "Indigenous"

Submission on proposed legislation against the incitement of hatred/hostility

Submission on the Electoral (Entrenchment of Maori Seats) Amendment Bill

Submission on the Foreshore and Seabed Bill 2004

Submission on the Foreshore and Seabed Review

Submission on the wellbeing of Maori children

Submission on New Zealand’s Constitution

Submission on the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill

Terms "Stone Age" and "Prehistoric"

Tino Rangtiratanga—Truth or fiction?

Treaty of Waitangi has no Principles

Two Power-Shifting Left-Wing Lies


Western Lesbian Feminist Neocolonialism

White-Ribboned Shylock

Why I admire Winston Peters

Why is Trump Trump?: A Reply to General Colin Powell

Women's TV & Women's Police Condone Sexual Assaults on Men.




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