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Heroism, Child Abuse, Race and Statistics

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Congratulations to Corporal Bill Henry Apiata for being awarded a Victoria Cross medal for bravery in Afghanistan!

Although I am not a great fan of racial pride, I am sure that Maoris as a whole -- as well as his family, sub-tribe, tribe, and New Zealand as a whole -- take pride in his achievement.

I was, however, disgusted that TV Wom, in their 6 o'clock News of 6th July 2007, announced that Sarah Ulmer (who won a gold medal by competing against other mere women in a mere sport) was the first to greet him at the airport. That was obviously yet another example of stage-managing, political manipulation and political propaganda by our feminist rulers. They spare no effort to detract from the self-sacrifice of men in war. Even the National War Memorial in Wellington has a statue of a civilian woman and child, with no statue of a male or of a soldier! It is worth pointing out that women got the vote more than a century ago, but it is men who get conscripted to fight in wars -- women only go if they feel like it! That is what Feminists call "equality"!

More recently, there has been yet another furore about child abuse. This time -- following on from the Australian government's intervention in Aborigine communities to stop child abuse -- a lot of people have been blaming Maoris*, which is racist.

The issue is stupidity in the use of statistics. It is (apparently) true that there are disproportionately more Maori than Non-Maori abusers of children, but it is racist to assume that the cause is their race. Not only is it racist, but it creates bad feeling between races and is likely to make Maoris defensive.

I have complained in the past about attempts to give better treatment and more resources to Maoris in matters such as health, because this discriminates against Non-Maoris. Using racial statistics to determine health policy advantages Maoris, and using racial statistics to determine the causes of child abuse disadvantages Maoris -- but both uses of statistics are stupid and racist.

All organisations in New Zealand should be banned from collecting statistics on race. Race -- like religion -- is just another way of dividing the population into mutually hostile groups. Statistics on race should only be gathered where absolutely necessary (as in determining the Maori electorate for the purposes of determining who is entitled to vote for the Maori seats in Parliament, which should be abolished anyway).

If we do not have racial statistics, we will be unable to target health spending according to race, and we will be unable to blame one particular race for child abuse. Then we will be able to look at the real causes! We will instead be able to collect statistics on drug use, solo parenthood, alcohol use, education levels, income levels, spending habits, diet, and so forth. It may well be that Maoris are at the low end of the spectrum in all these statistics, and that that has something to do with their health and child abuse rates. But, to solve those problems, we should not focus on their race but on the real underlying causes! (And we should have a national policy to encourage racial intermarriage).


1 In fact, the case that received a lot of publicity at the time in question may have involved Cook Islands Maoris, rather than New Zealand Maoris, but other such cases have involved New Zealand Maoris.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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