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Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Abortion, Government, the Degradation of Men,
and “the Sacredness of Human Life”

Are All Kiwi Women Dykes?

Comments on the case Marshall v Bermuda

Double Standards in the US Military

Dyked Out in New Zealand

Equality for Men in Brazil's Bahia State Military Police

Expulsion of Jan Logie from Parliament

Feminist Double Standards

Gender Discrimination in the U.S. Draft

Government Hypocrisy and One Law For All

Heroism, Child Abuse, Race and Statistics

Letting Men Off the Feminists' Meat-Hooks

Maori Men are the Main Victims of the Feminist Divide-and-Rule Strategy

Meghan go home! Duchess comes to New Zealand and tells lies.

Men and Women in China

Military Matters Resources

More Lies and Scams From University Lie-Factories

Remember Beyond Today ... Men Deserve some Credit, some Payback for Dangerous Service

Women and War

Zohrab v Attorney-General & Others



Peter Douglas Zohrab

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31 March 2021