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Government Hypocrisy and One Law For All

© Peter Zohrab 2011

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(Open Letter to ACT Leader Don Brash)


Recently I have seen the Prime Minister, John Key, on television, saying that the Government would support a change in laws relating to the Royal Succession, so that female children of a monarch would have the same chance of succeeding to the Throne as male children. Isn't it wonderful how he promotes equality between the sexes in employment matters!? I am being sarcastic!

Not long before, on 3rd April 2011, I saw the Minister of Police, Judith Collins, speaking on Television One's Q + A programme. She said that she would be working to get more women into the Police. Her reasoning was that:

"Any organisation should have a good balance between men and women."

It is a blatant lie on Judith Collins' part to say that she, or the National-led Government, has any policy of having "a good balance between men and women" in all organisations -- or even in all government organisations. So Judith Collins is a liar. What Government policy exists to get more men into the teaching profession, for example?

Police entry procedures discriminate against men by having lower physical entry standards for women than for men. So the Prime Minister is a hypocrite! On TV One's 6 o'clock News on 5th April 2011, I saw the new Police Commissioner being quoted as also wanting more female police officers. You should also be aware that the media-driven Commission of Inquiry into Police conduct did not even look at Police treatment of males, which is much worse than its treatment of females. Similarly, the Inquiry concluded that more women were needed in the Police Force, when that did not even follow logically from its findings! That was just a Feminist agenda which existed prior to the Inquiry and was inserted in the usual dishonest Feminist manner.

Moreover, the Police do not have lower entry standards for intellectually handicapped people, disabled people, blind people, deaf people, insane people, or any other category of people. Physical incompetence is just a sexist privilege for Policewomen!

Prior to the last election, Judith Collins was a mousy-looking woman who seemed to continually attacking men and fathers -- a practice which is endemic to New Zealand female lawyers. Lo and behold! she became Minister of Police and of Corrections, acquired a couple of new hairdos, and positively blossomed when nicknamed "Crusher Collins", for enabling the destruction of the cars of Street Racers (the non-sexist term for "Boy Racers"). Credit where credit is due: the Street Racer problem did need stamping on, and she also stamped on the Police statistical innumeracy and treatment of Domestic Violence as if it was mainly something that men did to women (see Professor Fieberts' annotated bibliography of Domestic Violence research at http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm for example).

However, my niece, who worked in the previous Minister of Police's office, told me how women were turned on by men in uniform, and I find it disgusting that we first have one woman (Annette King) and now another getting their kicks from perving at and bossing around men in uniform and depriving potential male recruits of jobs, in order to hire physically incompetent females. How can we combat crime effectively when an increasingly large part of the Police Force are physically incompetent? And think of the effect on morale and Police culture? If they don't have it already, Police will get the message that there is one law for women and another law for men.

If you install Heather Roy as Deputy Leader of the Act Party, you will rightfully be branded a hypocrite, and I will be calling for all men to boycott the coming election. Heather Roy was in the Territorials, and they have sexist double standards for male and female entrants. At http://www.armyreserve.mil.nz/join/joining-requirements/fitness-requirements.htm it is clearly stated that men have to be able to run 2.4 Km. in 12 minutes, whereas women only have to be able to do that in 14 minutes, men have to be able to do 45 curl-ups, whereas women only have to be able to do 35 curl-ups, and men have to be able to do 15 press-ups, whereas women only have to be able to do 8 press-ups.

Will the Police and Armed Forces be facing an enemy which will slow down or try less hard if they see that they are faced with female Police Officers or female Territorials? If the job does not require the male standard of fitness, why do male recruits have to meet that standard? If the job does require the male level of fitness, why don't females have to meet it?

You are well known for advocating "One Law For All" for Maori-Pakeha issues. Do you also advocate One Law For All for male-female issues, or are you a hypocrite, also?



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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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