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Equality for Men in Brazil's Bahia State Military Police

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The military police of Bahia state have decided that this year's will be the last police recruit intake for which women will compete. This is excellent news for every man who is combatting feminism. It's only the start of many victories that we will have in the years ahead. In this last intake, for example, there was a quota of almost 10% for women (2900 places for men and 300 for women, totaling 3200 vacancies).

You will know the reason: the pregnancies in the police.The women are admitted into the police entrants' course and afterwards, when they become police officers, most of them get pregnant and they then get paid for an average of six months without working. The policewomen don't work during these six months because they get maternity leave. If the policewoman doesn't work in an office but on the beat, the case is worse.When the pregnancy is detected, she is soon moved off the beat. Do the maths. Nine months and six equals one year and three months away from the beat. Meanwhile, her work is done by her male colleague by himself.

The other reason is the danger that they place their male colleagues in, because they protect them in every situation. Female police officers are not as physically competent as male ones, because female entrants do not have to attain the same physical standards on entry. Men have to race 2400m and women only 2000m. Men have to do 30 sit-ups and women 25. Men have to do 30 press-ups, without touching the ground with their knees, and women have to do 25, touching the ground with their knees if they want to. It's injust.

My desire is for anti-feminists in every part of the world to achieve similar results, as well.

And after this, in my opinion, they could create a black-list with the name of every female police officer, those that aren't police officers any more, and every one that has already applied to enter the police. And afterwards, they could research how many men had applied unsuccessfully, because the vacancy had been reserved for women. Finally, they could research how long these men stayed unemployed.


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