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Scribblers who call themselves "Stuff" think that "New Zealand" is a silly name!

Peter Zohrab 2021

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In his article, "Be honest, New Zealand is a ridiculous name", a racist idiot called Damien Grant, who probably wants to change his name to something like "Tama Karanati", says that the name "New Zealand" is "ridiculous". You can't work for an organisation which calls itself "Stuff" and have any credibility on the topic of what counts as a "ridiculous" name!

Grant is a vicious racist, who operates a racist hierarchy, according to which Maori names are better than Anglo-Saxon names and Anglo-Saxon names are better than Dutch names.

  • He claims that the Anglo-Saxon name "New York" is an improvement over the previous Dutch name, "New Amsterdam." He gives no reason for saying that, so it is pure anti-Dutch racism.

  • He claims that the Dutch "liked slapping odd names" on places. Nowhere does he explain why something is an "odd" name and something else is not an "odd" name.

  • Referring to the Dutch, he says that "they are no longer around in large numbers to take offence." So this racist "Tama Karanati" person thinks that it is OK to offend a group of people, as long as they are a small minority! Presumably, he thinks that it was OK for a Taranaki tribe of Maoris to commit genocide on the Morioris in the Chatham Islands, because the Morioris are no longer around in large numbers to take offence at being almost wiped from the face of the planet!!

  • He refers to Zeeland (in the Netherlands) as "an underpopulated bit of swampland". If this "swampland" was in New Zealand, he would refer to it as "a priceless wetland habitat for vital, endangered species," but, because he hates Dutch people, he calls it "swampland".

  • He complains that "Zealand" is a misspelling of "Zeeland". In that case, could he please tell the Maori Language Commission to ban all Maori words which are misspellings (and mispronunciations) of English words, such as "rapeti" (= rabbit), "tepu" (= table), and so on!

  • Tama Karanati does not even mention the Treaty of Waitangi, which (in the Maori version) calls New Zealand "Nu Tirani".

  • There is obviously racial discrimination against Dutch people in New Zealand, because I have come across a couple of Dutchmen here who have changed their names to English-sounding ones!


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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24 March 2021