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Multiculturalism and the Sex War

© Peter Zohrab

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Multiculturalism is fundamentally flawed, and one of its flaws is the role which it allows Lesbians to play in the Sex War.  However, Monoculturalism is not the only alternative to Multiculturalism -- diversity should still be encouraged, but not division into groups.

When I was a high school student, I founded a debating club, and one topic that we debated was whether Enoch Powell was a racist.  I argued that he was not.  Although he argued against immigration, especially of people of South Asian origin, he never said anything that was overtly racist -- although some of his supporters were presumably racist.  In his most famous/notorious speech he said, "As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'"  And now Britain is facing home-grown Islamic radicals and an alliance between some descendants of these immigrants and Islamic militants elsewhere in the World.

Morally, it seems to me that South Asian people with British passports who had to leave East Africa should have been allowed into Britain (as they were) -- just as Chinese people with British passports in Hong Kong should have been allowed into Britain (but they were not).  The issue, however, is whether they should have been integrated into British society, rather than being allowed to live there in a manner which made it seem that they didn't really want to be there, because they were retaining every possible aspect of their previous lives and cultures.  If you go and live in a foreign country on a long-term basis, you should be prepared to adopt most of the local customs.  That makes it easier for the locals to accept you into their society, and it also makes it easier for you to succeed in that society.  Multicultural countries encourage minority groups to feel alienated from the mainstream, which leads to the inevitable birth of generations who look overseas for the fulfilment of what they see as their authentic cultural and political goals.

A lot of my education was in international schools, where (apart from the host-country locals and the Americans) there were not enough students of any one particular nationality to form cultural groups.  This was excellent, because you could really get to know people from other countries as individuals.  That is my model for Society.  If you want a model of Multiculturalism, look at Iraq and Syria, with their Sunnis and Shias, Christians, Kurds, Assyrians, Armenians, Turkomans, and Arabs, etc. -- not to mention all the groups that I know nothing much about, such as President Assad's particular Islamic sect..  There is a theory that people automatically try to form groups to compete with other groups, and that the more densely populated an area is, the more different languages will emerge, so as to separate the people into groups.  That may have been the way of the past, but that should not be the way of the future!

Without any particular thinking, planning or legislating, the media-driven West has defaulted into a situation where Society is divided into groups -- religious, ethnic, political, sexual, disability groups and so on.  And it seems that the media and politicians default to a position where only these groups have the right to have a view on the issues that they specialise in.  For example, since the media have taught the public not to be prejudiced against Lesbians, the resulting situation is that Lesbians are immune from criticism.  People can't tell the difference between criticising Lesbians for being Lesbians and criticising Lesbians for other aspects of their "culture".  These Lesbians dominate the most man-hating and falsified Feminist issues, such as Domestic Violence, calling them "Women's Issues" -- meaning that only women are allowed to have a view about them! 

Lesbians have their fingers in two main pies: the so-called LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Community and the Feminist movement.  It is hard to criticise their Feminist activities, because simple-minded people (such as judges) seem to assume that that is the same as criticising their sexual activities or preferences.  Feminism is a hodge-podge of man-hating, hypocrisy and lies, and Lesbians are at the heart of some of the worst of this -- especially the Domestic Violence Industry -- because Lesbians don't "sleep with the enemy" (men), and so are free to adopt attitudes towards men which make Hitler's attitudes towards Jews seem positively benign!

Religious, ethnic, political, sexual, and disability groups and so on are not automatically good. Fuelled by their feeling that they are oppressed, they are likely to oppress other groups.  As Thucydides said, freedom is the power to restrict the freedom of other people!   In fact, most ethnic groups were busy oppressing other groups in their home countries, before they emigrated or became refugees.  If men want to free themselves from Feminist oppression, they need to be able to attack the Lesbian Feminist subculture which has been attacking men so ruthlessly, so effectively and for so long.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

12 July 2015