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New Zealand Government's Vaccination Racism

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Peter Zohrab 2021

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(Open Letter to the Minister for the COVID-19 Response)


Dear Mr. Hipkins,


The following group is stated on page 10 of your online document "Covid-19 Vaccine: Protecting Aotearoa" to be part of Group 2 for COVID-19 vaccination purposes:

Older Maori and Pacific people cared for by whanau
(and the people they live with and their carers).

As such, that group will be receiving the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of older Non-Maori and Non-Pacific people cared for by family (and the people they live with and their carers).

Under the Official Information Act, could you please tell me what evidence you have that there are no Non-Maori and Non-Pacific (sic) who are being people cared for by family?


Yours sincerely,


Peter Zohrab




In due course, I received the following response:


letter of 11 June 2021 from Health Ministry


I later followed up with this message to the Prime Minister: The Racist Maori Health Minister


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Someone has let women out of the kitchen -- and they have been telling lies ever since!




Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

22 July 2021