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Two Power-Shifting Left-Wing Lies

Peter Zohrab 2021

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Since the Feminists and other Leftists have conquered and colonised all the professions, including the professions that are involved in the education sector, the media and the Law, the Feminists have been free to make up lies and to spread and teach these lies as quasi-religious truths and to enforce them as totalitarian dogma. The political function of these lies has been to impose blame and guilt on males, Whites and other target groups, in order to make them powerless to resist marginalisation by their political enemies.

The two lies I am specifically referring to here are:

  1. The old Feminist lie which is called the Power and Control model, or Duluth model, of family violence;

  2. The contemporary Feminist lie, the Black Lives Matter movement.

These are both Feminist lies, in the sense that they cover up female criminality and privilege, by shifting the focus to men and Blacks -- as suits the Feminist agenda.


  1. The "Power and Control" Lie

The whole idea that the State should intervene in disputes between couples in their homes was a Feminist idea, right from the start. This idea was the result of a determined ideological, Feminist assumption that women were the victims of male oppression. Therefore, the whole political movement (called "Violence Against Women") to combat Domestic Violence was intended -- purely and simply -- to stop men beating up women. There was absolutely no attempt to scientifically find out the facts, or to prevent all Domestic Violence -- by women against men, by men against women, by Lesbians against each other, or by Homosexual males against each other. It was, and is, a purely political, man-hating movement and there has been absolutely no attempt to scientifically evaluate whether this concerted, political attack on men has done more harm than good, or not.

For propaganda purposes, however, all the Feminists in the corrupt media and the corrupt universities needed to produce some seemingly academic justification for this anti-male hate-campaign. As Robert Sheaffer states in his review of "The Battered Woman" by Lenore E. Walker (N.Y.: Harper Colophon Books, 1979):

Few books of modern times have had as great an impact in law, in popular culture and in understanding, as has this one. We have all heard of the "Battered Woman Syndrome," which originated with this book. Later feminist writings on the subject credit Prof. Walker for establishing the contemporary feminist theory and jurisprudence on "Domestic Violence," which they invariably depict as violence by a man against a woman. Every woman who has obtained mitigation in punishment for an act of violence against her mate by pleading the "battered woman syndrome" is a direct beneficiary of Dr. Walker's feminist advocacy and research.


The Battered Woman is unsatisfactory as a serious work, and completely unacceptable as a foundation for family law. First, it is profoundly unscholarly. Without objective verification of the incidents herein described, they are nothing more than hearsay. Second, the book does not even pretend to be objective: the woman's side, and only the woman's side, is presented, when it is undeniable that in a large percentage of cases, the woman initiates violence against the man. Third, Prof. Walker's expanded definition of "battering" that includes verbal abuse does not even address the issue of female verbal abuse of men. Fourth, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that Prof. Walker's sample of "battered women" is in any way a representative sample, and even if it were, she presents no statistics to support her conclusions. In fact, most of her conclusions are utterly unsupported by any kind of data, and are simply pronounced ex cathedra.

However, Professor Martin Fiebert has compiled an annotated bibliography of Domestic Violence research, which

examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.

The Feminists have been intent on subjugating men and making them subservient to women, using lies, fake so-called "research", the police and the law courts. To this end, they have focussed on Domestic Violence, as well as Rape/Sexual Assault and Child Sexual Abuse -- treating all these issues as examples of male victimisation of females (or, sometimes, of other males).



  1. The "Black Lives Matter" Lie


Left-Wing parties tend to be coalitions of Feminists, ethnic minorities, sexual minorities and trade unionists. Having seen how politically successful the Feminists have been with their lies, hordes of American Blacks have apparently been roaming around and using their cellphones to take videos of all possible cases of police mistreating (especially shooting) Blacks. They have apparently ignored all cases of police mistreating Whites -- since the political aim of all this photography is to show that Blacks are victims of racist Whites!

I have never heard any Left-wing media reports distract our attention from these videos long enough to discuss the actual statistics involved! Why let mere facts get in the way of perfectly good, racist, anti-White propaganda, after all? Nevertheless, as I say in my article '"Black Lives Matter" Movement is Sexist and Racist',

According to the Washington Post's database, thirty-one Black people per million have been killed by US police, which is somewhat more than the rate for Hispanics (twenty-three per million), Whites (thirteen per million) and "Others" (4 per million). However, thirty-four males per million have been killed by US police, which is vastly more than the rate for females, which is only 1.5 per million. The discrepancy between the police shooting rate for males and females is VASTLY greater than the discrepancy between the rates for Blacks and Whites.


All the media, universities, politicians, Black activists and Feminists who have ignored these data have simply presupposed and predetermined what their political ideology tells them: that women and Blacks are victims of males and Whites. They all hate men -- i.e. they are Misandrists. These scum are determined to present women and Blacks as victims -- whatever the facts -- and determined to ignore men's suffering, men's rights and men's issues.


The Crime and Arrest Statistics

As I say in my article, "Portland Call to Eliminate Destabilising Racist and Sexist Content by the Mainstream Media":

According to the Wikipedia article, "Race and crime in the United States", the homicide offending rate for African Americans was almost eight times higher than for Whites and robberies with White victims and Black offenders were more than 12 times more common than vice versa. Thus Blacks may be under-represented in the police killing statistics, rather than over-represented, as the media are pretending. After all, Blacks are only killed at twice the rate for Whites.

According to the Wikipedia article, "Sex differences in crime", in 2014, more than 73% of those arrested in the US were males, i.e. almost three times as many men as women were arrested by the police. Therefore, since males are killed by the police at twenty-two times the rate for females, males are massively over-represented in police killing statistics.


There is no doubt that Blacks have been, and are still, the victims of discrimination in the USA and other countries, but here we have a case where lies are being told on the basis that "The ends justify the means." Men are victims of much greater discrimination than Blacks are!


Someone has let women out of the kitchen -- and they have been telling lies ever since!


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

31 March 2021