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Ban Sporting Links with South Africa!

Peter Zohrab 2018

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New Zealand went through a lot of turmoil in the late 20th Century, because some people wanted to use our sports links with South Africa to end Apartheid there. They succeeded. Our sports links with South Africa were indeed one of the methods which suceeded in ending Apartheid there. Now the Black majority government in South Africa is planning to confiscate White farmers' land without compensation. Did New Zealand go through that turmoil in order to stop White Racist rule oppressing Blacks in South Africa and enable Black Racist rule to oppress Whites there instead?

If the Courts say that the Constitution won't let the Government confiscate White land without compensation, it plans to change the Constitution. Easy! The justification for that is that most of the population is Black, but most of the land is owned by Whites, as a result of confiscations during White settlement. I agree that that seems unfair*.

When did History begin? According to the racist media and education system, History began when Whites started doing bad things to other races ("Colonialism"). However, according to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bantu_expansion), the Bantus were Blacks who invaded South Africa long before the Whites did.

The Bantu expansion is a major series of migrations of the original proto-Bantu language speaking group, who spread from an original nucleus around West Africa-Central Africa across much of sub-Sahara Africa. In the process, the Proto-Bantu-speaking settlers displaced or absorbed pre-existing hunter-gatherer and pastoralist groups that they encountered.... The expansion reached South Africa, probably as early as 300 AD.

So the racist Black South African Government is effectively saying that it is OK to steal land, as long as the person who steals the land is Black! The Bantus stole land from the Khoisans (aka Bushmen and Hottentots) and the Whites stole land from both Bantus and Khoisans. Since Bantus now dominate the Government, they are taking land back from the Whites and giving it back to the Bantus, whose ancestors stole the land from the Khoisans!

And they are doing this with a great deal of self-righteousness, aided and abetted by the media and education systems of many countries!

I was outside of New Zealand during most of the sporting links demonstrations, so I only participated in one demonstration against sporting contacts with South Africa -- and then only because of pressure from Leftist work colleagues. I was not in favour of Apartheid, but I did not see why New Zealand sport should get involved in the fight against it. There were and are much more important issues in the World, such as Abortion, which kills babies and ignores Fathers. If New Zealand decriminalises Abortion, I think there should be a total sport and trade boycott of New Zealand by other countries.

It was always inevitable that Black majority rule would involve the confiscation of White land. It has already happened in Zimbabwe, of course. The fact that the Blacks outnumbered the Whites was the reason for Apartheid, in the first place. That does not excuse Apartheid, of course -- nor does it excuse White settlement. Any illegal immigration (such as from Mexico to the USA) is reprehensible! The earlier Bantu settlement of southern Africa was also illegal immigration.

As Wikipedia says, HART (Halt All Racist Tours) "was a protest group set up in New Zealand in 1969 to protest against rugby union tours to and from South Africa." I call on HART to restart their campaign, in protest against the current racist South African Government!


* I should mention that my great-great-grandfather, Peter Thomas Henry Gordon Zohrab, once owned a farm in South Africa, but he was only there a few years, as far as I know, having come from the UK. He moved on to Australia and ended up in New Zealand.


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