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Why I admire Winston Peters

Peter Zohrab 2017

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Men have no rights,
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We blame sexism.


I don't admire Winston Peters for his party's policies, particularly. What I admire him for is his ability to withstand and get around the mindless bias, prejudice and discrimination of the media and others. So, by admiring him, I am -- in effect -- admiring myself. Similarly, I hadn't found any policies of presidential candidate Trump that attracted me particularly, but when I saw how biased the Fake News Media were against him, I knew that he must be much better than he looked!

As regards his superannuation overpayment, Winston Peters is wrong to assume that most of his political enemies work in Parliament. Since Winston Peters is a conservative, his party once considered setting up a Ministry of Men's Affairs and he has stood up to Maori radicals on various issues, he is sure to have many enemies in the Ministry of Social Development, which seems to me to be full of women and Maoris. Have a look at the following letter which I wrote about them to the Ombudsman:


Letter to the Ombudsman 16 September 2008


The Work and Income section of the Ministry of Social Development caused me a lot of problems by claiming that I hadn't given them documentation relating to part-time employment that I had had while receiving a Student Allowance. The owner of the business where I had worked came from overseas and had sold her business, so I was lucky that I was able to locate her and get another copy of the documentation, which I supplied to Work and Income a second time. After I had done that, Work and Income claimed that they had found my original documentation and that a staff member had placed it in the wrong folder, or something! That could quite easily been a deliberate attempt to cause me problems for political reasons.

A former member of New Zealand First, Rex Widerstrom, who had been quoted in the media in connection with a plan to set up a Ministry of Men's Affairs, has been the subject of what he said was a false sexual allegation. He did not believe me when I suggested that it had been a conspiracy, since he didn't believe that police officers could be Feminists! However, police forces around the World hire women on lower physical entry standards than they hire men, and that is a Feminist policy which creates a Feminist culture in the police force.

I was also the subject of a conspiracy and false conviction relating to events on a train. There were various reasons why I thought it was a conspiracy -- chiefly the blatant lies that witnesses told to the police. However, one additional, extremely suspicious fact was that the false witnesses were standing on the station platform, prior to boarding the train, talking to a butch Lesbian who did not get onto the train herself! Since I am a famous Men's Rights Activist and Lesbians are prominent in the anti-male Domestic Violence industry, that fact is a cast iron guarantee of a conspiracy. Why didn't she get onto the train, unless she was just on the platform to give last-minute instructions to the false witnesses?

Therefore, it is quite possible that both the original "mistake" in Winston Peters' superannuation application and its leaking to the media were deliberate actions by his political opponents in the Ministry of Social Development.


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