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Rex Widerstrom's views on Peter Zohrab

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On the page: http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2009/10/the_wonderful_world_of_peter_zohrab.html , Rex Widerstrom (who has never met me) has something to say about me, so I have decided to respond to it.  Here is what he says, with my comments in red:

'His theory on my “troubles” (as someone once rather grandly called them) (He was accused of a sexual crime in Australia, but he says that the Police dropped charges) was that I was (possibly) the “victim of a feminist conspiracy”. All attempts (he only made ONE attempt) to convince him that my tormenters were predominantly male, and predominantly wearing blue uniforms, would not sway him from his belief. After all, what did I know?! I was only there.  (Rex Widerstrom was associated with a reported plan by the New Zealand First Party to set up a Ministry of Men's Affairs, if they got into power.  I, as a Men's Rights Activist, have plenty of experience of lies and devious behaviour by Feminists.  A conspiracy need not have included the Police as conspirators -- but, on the other hand, there are plenty of Feminist Police.  And there might easily have been a conspiracy without Rex Widerstrom knowing about it -- as far as I can see, he knows very little about very little!)

Another resident of Wainuiomata, I’m afraid. (His mother lived on the same street as I did, but Rex himself had apparently left home by then.)  Well known to the locals for somewhat strange behaviour, especially if confronted by someone of an obviously different belief system, such as a Muslim or a Jew.(Actually, I do not recall any single incident which might explain this strange statement by Widerstrom.  I think what he is perhaps trying to say, since he belongs/belonged to the ethnocentric party New Zealand First, is that I am not a Muslim or a Jew, which my name might make people think that I am.  Since my father was a diplomat, and I have lived in and visited a large number of countries, I do not exhibit "strange" behaviour "if confronted by someone of an obviously different belief system, such as a Muslim or a Jew."  I am not a Muslim or a Jew (or a Christian or a Buddhist), but I have lived in Muslim countries/areas, I have had Muslim and Jewish flatmates, I have had many Jewish family friends and I have worked closely with Muslims and Jews -- all without any problems at all that I can recall.)

Still, I think Peter performs a valuable role. (This indicates that Widerstrom is not completely anti-male) Way out there on the “feminazi conspiracy” side (I have been unable to find any use by me of the term “feminazi conspiracy”.  Even in the heat of a Usenet debate, I would be extremely unlikely to use such a term.)  of the seesaw, he helps counterbalalnce (sic) those who are just as far out on the oppositie (sic) side. And goodness knows, we have enough of those about.'

(Prior to the above post by Widerstrom, I had never seen any evidence of any comment by him on any Men's Rights issue, so I think I am justified in thinking that he knows very little about the issues concerned, whereas I have written a book and countless articles and posts on such issues.  I am particularly concerned that some low-life judge -- judges, of course, are just grown-up law students, and I found law school to be a rather nasty, politicised place, where a lot of people were unprofessional and unethical -- might read Widerstrom's post and conclude that I am paranoid.)




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