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Application for Non-Party Disclosure

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Having been falsely charged with two minor criminal offences, I applied in July 2013 for disclosure of relevant information from entitites that were not party to the court case.  Below is a link to the full text of the Judgment (which may later be subject to judicial review).

There is a serious misstatement in the judgment.  Paragraph 20(b) of the Judgment falsely states that I had stated that the formal statements of the witnesses were at variance (i.e. with each other), whereas what I had said (para. 13(b) of my Application) was that they were at variance with the truth (i.e. with the events as I experienced them at the time of the incident).

It is noteworthy that this misstatement supports the Judge's otherwise unsupportable assertion (paragraph 27) that, in this application, I am not trying to bolster my case but just to see if my case had any substance at all.  That is untrue, because I was there when it all happened and the fact that so many people told so many lies showed me that there was a conspiracy, and my Application was just intended to find evidence of the conspiracy for courtroom purposes.


Judgment of Judge I G Mill


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