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Victims that “nobody is interested in”

by Edip Rei 2007

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An article entitled 10 million victims in the Spanish newspaper El Pais on 29 August 1999 discussed a UN Economic Commission for Europe report on the social costs and consequences of the transformation process in the former USSR, which stated:

"There have been significant changes in mortality. These vary from a very big increase in Russia to declines in the former GDR (except among adult males), Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland and Hungary. The increase in mortality is concentrated in the European part of the former Soviet Union and among men of working age."


Edip Rei, a Spanish human rights organisation, comments (edited)
(Spanish version at http://edipo.info/Doc/poblacio/igualdad-genocidio.pdf):

Only a corruption scandal has it made it possible to learn about the terrible increase of mortality in men in the ex-Soviet countries ever since the disappearance of the Soviet Union (it seems that these deaths were of no interest to anybody… or only to their mothers?).

A political change can cause, in only a few years, many more deaths than the Nazi Holocaust, and perhaps even more tragically. But not in Jews -- in young men.

The Soviet Union was, in its time, considered to have the shortest masculine life span relative to women in the world: men had a life span of 10 years below that of women, which produced a “deficit” of 17 million men in the URSS, to which we now have to add 9.7 million. Now, with an absence of about 27 million men, it is not strange at all that prostitutes from the East have come to European countries.

However, no political state is criticized because of a high mortality rate in men -- not even by the staunchest enemy of such politics -- in the same way that no-one has denounced the sexual discrimination in compulsory military or civilian service, not even by pacifist groups or the political parties which back them up.

You are looked down upon if you are concerned about these deaths and we may consider it ridiculous to seriously investigate their causes. Perhaps this is why the Soviet Union collapsed unexpectedly and why it is now involved in serious "culture wars" which concern the relationship between men and women.

Is the Rule of Law really the Rule of Gendercide?


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