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Wellington Hospital's discrimination against men

(slightly edited)

Peter Zohrab 2016

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(Open Letter to Wellington Hospital)


I am writing to draw your attention to the legal liability of Wellington Hospital for its discrimination towards men.

I note that men die younger than women in New Zealand, on average. Despite that, I also note that Wellington has TWO female-only specialties (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), but NO male-only specialty -- i.e. it has no Andrology wards. In fact, I doubt that you have even heard of Andrology (https://www.andrologyaustralia.org), a term which is totally absent from your website. Although there is probably no research on this topic, it is likely that your failure to place men's health on the same level as women's health is one of the causes of men's premature deaths. In other words, you are a female-dominated organisation which is committing gendercide against males.

You are similarly man-hating (misandristic) in your domestic violence policies. Wellington Hospital's screening policy for Family Violence excludes men, which is sexist and discriminatory. I note from page 13 of "The Wellingtonian" of 21 January 2016 that only female patients in your emergency department will be screened for having been victims of domestic violence. Apart from anything else, that fact promotes the Feminist propaganda ploy that violence by women against men does not even exist, or is somehow irrelevant. The vast bulk of research indicates that women are just as violent towards men as the converse -- see the Domestic Violence Annotated Bibliography at http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm, which ”examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners." (accessed 26 January 2016).

Of course, if your man-haters deliberately choose sources which filter data through a fog of man-hatred, as the police and courts do, then there will appear to be more domestic violence against women than against men. However, the Domestic Violence Annotated Bibliography's research is free of such biases. Women are more likely to call the police, the police are more likely to side with women, and so are the courts. Because of all the television propaganda on domestic violence, women are also more likely to admit to having been hit by a man, which is practically a badge of honour in present-day New Zealand, whereas men are unlikely to mention having been hit by a woman, because of the man-hating attitudes of the current New Zealand culture. So nurses, with their limited intelligence, are likely to resort to such sources, whereas a scientifically competent person would choose unbiased sources.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Zohrab


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