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The Human Rights Commission and the Outlawing of Feminism

Peter Zohrab 2018

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(Open Letter to the Minister of Justice)


Dear Mr. Little,


On its face, the recent Ministerial Review of the Human Rights Commission seems to be an excellent document, judged in relation to its terms of reference, including in relation to Terms of Reference Three (The Organisational Culture of the Human Rights Commission). However, there is no indication that the Review has identified the causes of the dysfunctional culture which it found to exist at the highest level of the Human Rights Commission.

I am not sure whether Judge Coral Shaw has any knowledge of Human Rights, but the average legal practitioners certainly seems to have very little knowledge of Human Rights. This empty space in their mental furniture is often taken up with Feminism, which does not even exist in the New Zealand constitution. Even when legal people know something about Human Rights, Feminism often takes pride of place and Human Rights are subordinated to Feminism.

For example, on the webpage Anti-Male Discrimination in a Human Rights Textbook, I point out that one Human Rights textbook reads as if only women suffered discrimination on the grounds of sex (which is a Feminist assumption), while the other textbook I review is silent on this issue. And on the webpage Chen/Palmer Doesn't Understand Human Rights!, I point out that a spokesman for New Zealand's leading Public Law practice ignores men's Human Rights also. So did the Victoria University of Wellington Law School, when I was a student there. So does the Law Foundation. So does the Law Commission. So does the Institute of Judicial Studies. So does the Labour Party. So does the Green Party (except for Golriz Ghahraman MP, who has the good fortune to have come from Iran, like some of my ancestors). So does the National Party. So does the Act Party. So does the New Zealand First Party. So does the Conservative Party. So does the New Zealand Parliament, therefore.

So I suggest to you that there is bound to be dysfunction in the Human Rights Commission, so long as it is divided into those who believe in Feminism and those who believe in Human Rights. I consider that you know this and that you intend to solve this problem by banning anyone who believes in Human Rights from being a Human Rights Commissioner! You want it to be ruled by Feminists -- just as the Labour Party is!!

I suggest that you introduce a Bill into Parliament banning Feminism, on the grounds that it is an anti-male hate crime. Any instance of Feminist activity that claimed that it was not carrying out an anti-male hate crime would have to give evidence of all the research it had conducted into men's issues, needs, problems and interests, so as to show that "Feminism" (as practised by the people involved) actually did have something to do with equality or equity between men and women. It is very easy for Feminists to say that they are for "equality" or "equity" -- now you can give them a chance to prove it!


Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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13 June 2018