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Lynda the Man-Hater

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Lynda the Manhater reacts with delight to seeing a woman abuse a man .

Above is a still from the ABC News item "Turning the Tables", which filmed an experiment in which a woman pretended to assault and otherwise abuse a man in a park. The woman's back is visible on the left. Lynda, the passerby, punches the air and grins in delight.

The ABC website states:

'The reaction of another woman, Lynda, was stunning. As our actress
continued to heap abuse on her make-believe boyfriend, she walked by the
scene and pumped her fist in a show of sisterly solidarity.

"Good for you. You Go, Girl!" is how Lynda recalls her reaction.

"I was thinking he probably did something really bad," she said. "Maybe she
caught him cheating or something like that.and [it] made her lose it and
slap him in the face. I reacted like, 'Yes. Woman power.'" '

The experiment showed that almost everyone ignored partner violence by a woman on a man, whereas many people had come to the help of a woman when abused by a man in a similar experiment carried out previously. Women hit men more than men hit women (see http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm), which means that this sexism and discrimination is a serious problem. This sexism and discrimination obviously extends to the police force -- not just because of anecdotal evidence, but because of the fact that one of the people who did not help the abused man was a policeman! Exactly what hope do men have of getting police help against abusive partners with a police mentality of that sort? And if they know that the police won't help them, isn't that the reason why we have spousal murders and severe domestic violence injuries ?

How many "Woman power" Feminists like this are in powerful positions in Western societies today? There are absolutely no systematic checks to prevent people like this getting jobs and being promoted. On the contrary, Lynda is obviously a "Woman of Colour", and so she would find it easier to get a job and to be promoted than would a much-hated "White Male".

Is Lynda's attitude typical of Feminists in the media, the education system, the justice system, women's refuges, and government? Do we have judges with this mentality sitting in judgment over domestic violence cases?

Unless such man-haters are weeded out of powerful positions, men will take a closer look at Ramesh Nair's theory of domestic violence, and how long will it be before men decide that there is no justice system for men, and that drastic measures are necessary to inject some justice into the justice system?


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