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Violent Anti-Violence Women

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The feminist movement is composed largely of women, and therefore has a tendency to be emotional, fearful and to call upon men's chivalry to protect them from supposed threats from other men. Looking around for issues to exemplify what they saw as women's victimhood and men's corresponding evil natures, feminists came up with issues such as rape, sexual abuse of children and domestic violence. They then proceeded to extract these issues from their previous, purely academic contexts, and turn them into social and political issues for the media to publicise and politicians to pass anti-male laws on.

When I started court action against a large number of parties, including the National Network of Stopping Violence Services, for various anti-male activities, I had to serve the court documents on them, and I did this personally. Only two of the parties concerned reacted aggressively: the Families Commission (a viciously anti-male organisation) and the National Network of Stopping Violence Services (NNSVS). When I went to the NNSVS, there were three people present: a White Lesbian (who was obviously Lesbian, based on her appearance), a Maori female, and a White male. The Maori female demanded that I identify myself, which I refused to do, since I was only there to deliver papers and they were an anti-male organisation anyway. Then she followed me out to the lifts and stood in front of the buttons so that I could not call the lifts without forcibly moving her out of the way! This was tantamount to kidnapping.

I emphasise that this was a Headquarters person from the National Network of Stopping Violence Services, which concentrates on teaching MEN to treat WOMEN non-violently, and this was the kind of person who was obviosly teaching Maori MEN not to be violent towards Maori WOMEN! The White male turned up and persuaded the Maori woman to move away, so that I could call the lift. When I got into the lift, one of the other two people (i.e. not the Maori woman) threw my court documents into the lift.

Another defendant in that court action was Kapiti Pak 'n Save supermarket, which supports the White Ribbon campaign -- again, a sexist campaign which targets male violence against women (and therefore implicitly condones female violence against men). Without going into details about the various near-assaults I have suffered at the hands of the staff there, I will mention one female customer-service person there, who is such a keen supporter of the White Ribbon campaign that she had bought a white ribbon that appears to be made of enamel -- i.e. not the usual cheap cloth version, and she wears it most days -- not just on White Ribbon Day. She is also a grandmother.

Because I am active in support of Men's Rights, I frequently meet with hostility from people I come across, including shop assistants. One day I was being looked at with more than the usual hostility from some of the more masculine of the female checkout assistants, and this White Ribbon grandmother -- with an angry expression on her face -- came up behind me and bumped into me, as I was operating a self-sevice check-out! Obviously, she doesn't think the White Ribbon campaign has anything to do with female violence! I complained about it to a manager, and said that I would complain to the Police if it happened again. I know that the Police do take this kind of assault seriously, because a security guard once stuck out an elbow as I was passing, and the Police went and had a "chat" to him about it.

There is a strong connection between Lesbianism and anti-male anti-violence campaigns. Kapiti Coast District Council has a Lesbian mayor, and is proud of the fact that it was the first (and possibly only) council in the country to promote and adopt the White Ribbon ampaign.

Many years ago, an anti-violence week (or similar) was organised in Wellington, and my men's group went along to picket the opening ceremony, because it was only about male violence. That is sexist and discriminatory, and de facto encourages women's violence. It was held in a room behind Wellington's main public library, and when we arrived we found a large, apparently Lesbian, Maori woman doing a slow-motion martial arts exercise routine (kata) in front of the library -- possibly in order to intimidate us. We handed out leaflets to people as they arrived, but the then (Labour party) Minister of Social Welfare (now Vice-Chancellor of Massey University), Steve Maharey, changed course in order to avoid having to receive a leaflet! What open-mindedness! That is exactly the same degree of open-mindedness that I have found at Massey University when I have studied there!!

The person who opened the anti-violence week was a White Lesbian. We then interjected, and she replied by asking us why we didn't organise our own anti-violence week!! Think about the logic behind that: she was implying that she was not agaisnt violence -- only against male violence -- and that, if we wanted anything done about female violence, then we should organise our own, separate campaign!


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