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Hilary Clinton for White House Advisor on Violence Against Women!

(Open Letter to President Obama)

© Peter Zohrab 2009

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Dear President Obama,

You are not being nearly hypocritical enough.  You can do better!

The main issue is that you (and Vice-President Biden) have appointed Lynn Rosenthal as the new White House Advisor on Violence Against Women.  Never mind the fact that it is sexist and discriminatory to have an advisor on violence against women without having one on violence against men.  You are a lawyer, so I assume that you understand the concept of discrimination on the basis of sex? 

I draw your attention to Professor Martin Fiebert's annotated bibliography of domestic violence research, which "examines 271 scholarly investigations: 211 empirical studies and 60 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners."

Of course, Vice-President Biden and Lynn Rosenthal will not have told you about that bibliography, or any of the 542 pieces of research which it currently lists (as at 30 December 2009).  Biden, of course is the vicious, sexist scumbag who authored the discriminatory Violence Against Women Act.

WHY DID YOU APPOINT LYNN ROSENTHAL as the new White House Advisor on Violence Against Women, when you could have appointed Hillary Clinton?  After all, radio host and commentator Glenn Sacks has alleged that she beat up her husband over the Monica Lewinsky affair, so it would have upped your hypocrisy ranking tremendously to have appointed her to the post!  Of course, she got away with it, and almost became President of the United States -- but then Violence Against Men is not a crime (in practice), in the good old US of A.


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