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Feminist Sexism and Violence

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During the many years that I worked at The Correspondence School, in Wellington, I was subjected to various form of abuse from Feminists. I came to understand that the Feminism of most of the staff went hand-in-hand with sexist, anti-male attitudes. On the one hand, a political sticker on a wall*** saying "Fight the Cuts" (a reference to some spending cuts) had been amended to read "Fight the Louts" -- a reference to campaigns against so-called "male violence". On the other hand, one French teacher had posted a copy of a student's work (a cartoon -- see below) onto a wall, and various teachers had written comments applauding the (female) domestic violence depicted in the cartoon.

For these Feminists, violence was only bad if it was done to women. This is the same attitude as that held by Women's Refuges and their male subordinates, such as the National Network of Stopping Violence Services.

(The comment at the bottom left is by me. It says: "Misandry (man-hatred) typical of the contemporary Lesbocracy')

I realise that many people will not see the female violence depicted in this cartoon as bad. They will concentrate on the reason for it. They will think that the man should not have done what he did. This is typical of sexist double standards on domestic violence. If a man is violent, people concentrate on how wrong the violence was. If a woman is violent, they concentrate on her reasons for being violent.

Anti-male double standards are common. As I reported in the article Males Suffer Horrific Rate of Psychological Abuse, in 19th Century Britain, Queen Victoria blocked the passing of a law which would have criminalised lesbianism along with male homosexuality -- because she could not believe it existed! According to the article Skimmington Revisited* there were times in history when men were punished for being victims of their wives' violence! And in an experimental study of people's reactions to identical hypothetical scenarios of male, as compared to female domestic violence, N. T. Feather** found that:

"Participants were more negative to the husband than to the wife in regard to responsibility for the offense, deservingness of the penalty, seriousness of the offense, perceived harshness of the penalty, reported positive affect, and reported sympathy."

Another example of Feminist sexism cropped up when I was doing something connected with my family's history. One of my distant Feminist relatives was obviously a Feminist, in the sense that she kept on using her maiden name after her marriage. (I am not criticising that practice, by the way.) This same woman told me the name of a young child in her part of the family, together with its mother's name -- but would not tell me the father's name, because she thought the mother would not want the father's name to be mentioned! Feminists often criticise Fathers' Rights groups for allegedly treating children as property -- since women usually get custody, they can pretend that this was in the best interests of the child, and nothing to do with women treating children as property. However, here we have a case of a mother trying to eradicate any trace of the father from a child's life, as if that child really was her personal property!


*M.J. George, Skimmington Revisited, The Journal of Men's Studies, Vol. 10, No. 2, Winter 2002, 111-127.

** N. T. Feather, Domestic Violence, Gender, and Perceptions of Justice, Sex Roles, Vol. 35, Nos. 7/8, 1996.

***To be precise, the sticker was actually on a grey metal cupboard, and the cartoon mentioned was actually on a pillar in an open-plan office.


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