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Penis Envy, Breast-Feeding, and Sexual Abuse of Children

© Peter Zohrab 2003

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Taking the blinkers off

No ideology or religion is harder to combat than an ideology that does not admit that it's an ideology. No oppressed group is more oppressed than one that is oppressed by a group that wields power over it by claiming that it itself is oppressed.

Feminism is an ideology that does not admit that it's an ideology, and men (in Western countries, in particular) are a group that is oppressed by Feminists, who claim to represent a group that is itself oppressed -- women. Women have had disadvantages, compared to men, admittedly -- but so have men had disadvantages, compared to women. There is a lot of material on this website for you to read, if you disagree with those statements.

In that context, it is important to realise how much Society has been changed by the constant, decade-long, unilateral hunt by Feminists for issues they can use to complain about men -- for ways they can appear to show that women are disadvantaged, compared to men. There is no logical end to this process, no finite list of issues. It is open-ended.


Penis Envy

As is well known, Sigmund Freud believed that:

"as part of the Electra complex, women have unconscious penis envy, the tragic desire to possess the same sexual organ as men."

(see the webpage: http://www.sciencedaily.com/encyclopedia/Penis_envy)


Most Western establishment institutions such as universities and encyclopedias are now dominated by Feminists, so that Freud's theory is now not popular. However, the second paragraph of the editorial (opposite) shows that penis envy is alive and well !


The female editor of the New Zealand Sunday Star-Times ignores all the advantages that women enjoy, such as greater bonding with their children, a society that rushes to their aid whenever they scream or cry, a greater life-expectancy, immunity from conscription into the front lines, and a huge concentration on their own wants, needs, and desires, which (in Western countries) is what Society revolves around.


In Wellington (New Zealand), New York, and (no doubt) other cities, public toilets are being restructured in response to this penis envy. In Wellington, single-sex toilets have been replaced by unisex ones, and, in New York, office buildings are going to have twice as many female toilets as male ones -- so as to make sure that men have to wait just as long as women to go to the toilet!

Needless to say, nothing is being done to make men live as long as women, to make women liable for conscription to the front line, to improve men's bonding with their children, or to make Society more responsive to men's needs !


Breastfeeding as Sexual Abuse of Children

The USA is not alone in assuming that "Motherhood and Apple Pie" are the epitome of what is good and wholesome. However, there is a dark secret hidden deep inside the mythology glorifying motherhood.

The webpage "Can giving birth actually be pleasurable?" says:

"In both sexual arousal and pregnancy, breasts enlarge and nipples become sensitive.There's also extra blood flow and lubrication in the vagina, and hormone production soars. And, according to sex researchers Masters and Johnson, among others, auto-erotic self-stimulation is common during pregnancy, even if never experienced before....

Researchers have found another parallel in sexual arousal during intercourse, birth and breastfeeding. A seldom-studied hormone, oxytocin--which we label the caregiving hormone--flows in a woman's body during all three stages. In intercourse, this hormone's release is triggered by orgasm; in labor, by the onset of contractions; and in breastfeeding, by each letdown of milk."

In other words, many women get sexually aroused by breastfeeding and when giving birth (though there is pain involved, as well, in giving birth). Their nipples become erect both during sex and when breastfeeding. Who says that is perverted ? Who says that is obscene ? Who says that is sexual abuse of children ?

Contrast that with how Western society views a man's penis, which also becomes erect during sex. What hysteria breaks out if a man's penis even twitches when in the company of children ! A man can get an erection merely because of the vibrations of the vehicle he is travelling in. Despite that fact, the Feminist-induced sexual abuse hysteria that pervades Western nations, coupled with Feminist penis-envy, means that men have almost been driven out of all forms of employment involving little children, because their penis is viewed as a threat and as a liability !

Males who work with children are told: "You can't tell if a woman is a potential abuser, but you can tell if a man is one !" This is sexual discrimination. A mobile penis is not proof of sexual desire, and a woman's lack of a penis is not proof of lack of sexual attraction.

I know of a case where a father rang a social worker about his child's mother kissing his baby son's penis -- and what the (female) social worker wanted to know was: "Did the boy get an erection ?" What did that have to do with it ? Was the boy at fault for being a male ?



Feminist hysteria about males being with children is driven by penis envy and misandry (hatred of men). They have a constant need to find issues to crucify men with. Western society now has a perverted view of what is wholesome and what is sick, so that women getting a sexual kick out of breastfeeding is regarded not only as acceptable, but as the epitome of what is good and wholesome !




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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9 March 2016