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The Passive Power of Female Domination

Peter Zohrab 2019

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The article 'Erotic relation as power game: An essay on "Existential Imperialism"' shows that it is possible to link courtship and sex with power, although I do not necessarily agree with everything that the author states.


On 30 October 2019 the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/spoiltmodernwoman/posts/1149852158540110?comment_id=1150072818518044&notif_id=1572389977024032&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic claimed that, "To keep us under control men ask us to cover our faces." I commented as follows:

"The flip-side of that is that women show men their bodies in order to keep men under control. Yesterday I walked past a shop where a woman was trying out a dress and she looked at me, laughing, and deliberately exposed the entire length of her leg (side view). She obviously got some sexual enjoyment from doing that, but the pressure was on me, as a male, to decide whether that was an invitation or not. If I had decided to make an advance (which I wouldn't do, because of another commitment), she could quite easily have treated me as a sexual harasser or stalker, etc.. I have had other, similar experiences with women showing their breasts and so on. See: TVNZ Enslaves Men."

Mathangi Kishore replied as follows:

"Now shall we talk about men everywhere showing their body....we don't get any arousal because we are also committed somewhere. There is no distinction brain has with gender for lust but its commitment, consequences and responsibility. Like men women have nature to propagate and we also choose to propagate so please keep in mind that for every thing everyone has choice in this world."

What she says is not correct. Women spend much more money and time on their appearance (i.e. clothes, cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, etc.) than men do, because women usually rely on men to make the first move. The flip-side of that is that men usually have to make the first move or miss out on having a relationship with their preferred woman. It is not true to say that "for every thing everyone has choice in this world," because it is generally women who attract men, men who have to approach women and then women who choose which man's advances they will accept or reject. Throughout the Animal Kingdom, it is generally the females who have choice -- and it is the same with human beings as well. Men are much more interested in women's bodies than women are in men's bodies. Women are often interested in a man's wealth and social status, whereas men are not usually so interested in a woman's wealth and social status.

The Law concentrates on penalising men who make the first move towards women who say (maybe only afterwards) that they are not interested in them. Likewise, the #Me Too Movement concentrates on men who (allegedly) do this. Both the #Me Too Movement and the Law should penalise women who dress provocatively. In fact, however, there are Feminists who fight against so-called "slut-shaming", ignoring the fact that woman can and do use their bodies to attract men and should be penalised for it if they do it inappropriately.

As I showed in my article TVNZ Enslaves Men, Feminists endorse women showing off their bodies in order to attract men -- but hate it for men to have any role in a decision to get them to show off their bodies. This shows once more that the motto of Feminism is "Whatever Women Want."


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