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The Hidden Dykes of Television New Zealand

Peter Zohrab 2018

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As a perpetual ideological victim of Television New Zealand (TVNZ)'s war on men (Feminism), I have long been aware of both its power and its unshakeable dedication to Man-Hating (Feminism). Its power is shown by the fact that a mere newsreader, Judy Bailey, was for many years plausibly regarded as the "Mother of the Nation" and by the ludicrous fact that she has been awarded New Zealand's very highest honour, the Order of New Zealand, which is thereby proved to be a complete joke. TVNZ's man-hating is shown most outstandingly by the fact that Anita McNaught fronted a series of TVNZ anti-male propaganda "documentaries" on topics such as Domestic Violence some decades ago and -- to my knowledge -- Television New Zealand has never aired documentaries to refute these lies, allowed knowledgeable Men's Rights Activists such as myself to debate Domestic Violence with Feminists live on air, apologised for its anti-male behaviour, or committed mass-suicide (as it should have done a long time ago).

So, many years ago, I was not surprised to hear rumours of a Lesbian producer in TVNZ's News and Current Affairs area. And sure enough, I happened to see her on the street outside the TVNZ office next to Bowen House, Wellington, where many Members of Parliament have their offices.

Nowadays, there is a very slick TVNZ theatre show called "Breakfast", as most people in New Zealand know. I call it a "theatre show", because it is partly a reality TV show and every presenter plays a "Diversity" role: a White Heterosexual male, who seems to run things, a Heterosexual female blonde, a Homosexual male weather-presenter and a Brown Heterosexual male newsreader of Polynesian Pacific Island origin. When the Brown male is away, he is replaced by another Brown male -- a Maori. There has been a succession of male Homosexual weather presenters on TVNZ, so it is surprising that there have been no on-screen Lesbians, apart from Alison Mau, who didn't come out as Lesbian for quite a long time after starting her role as a Heterosexual blonde presenter.

My conclusion is that there must now be one or more Lesbians in a senior role commanding TVNZ's News and Current Affairs (possibly the Lesbian producer who I saw some years ago), so having on-screen Lesbians would be seen as both overkill and as giving the game away -- i.e. betraying the Lesbian domination of TVNZ News and Current Affairs. This would, then, be one of the main reasons that TVNZ has so viciously waged its war on men.


Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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15 October 2019