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Western Universities are Feminist-dominated. Some, such as Victoria University of Wellington, even boast of having "mainstreamed" Feminism. This means that they devote a lot of time, energy and money to criticising men and praising women. If you are interested in finding out if women might possibly have some failings, then you have to research it and write it yourself!

Here is a quotation about the use of electroencephalographs, from Biological Psychology (Ninth Edition) by James Kalat:

"For one example of a study, researchers recorded evoked potentials from young adults as they watched pictures of nudes of both sexes. Men reported high arousal by the female nudes, while women reported neutral feelings to both the males and females, but both men's and women's brains showed strong evoked potentials to the opposite-sex nudes (Costa, Braun, & Birbaumer, 2003)" Kalat, p. 107.

This is obviously a case where men tell the truth and women lie. Do women just tell lies about being aroused by male bodies, or do they tell lies about everything that relates to sex? Or do women tell more lies than men about every topic under the sun? What is the connection -- if any -- between this type of lying and surveys which find that women admit to having said "no" to sex, when actually they meant "yes"? And what is the connection between all this and the phenomenon of false allegations -- one study (Kanin, Eugene (1994): False Rape Allegations. Archives of Sexual Behavior Vol 23,No.1: 81-92) found that 40% of allegations of rape were later admitted by the women concerned to have been false.

There has been research showing that testosterone administration substantially decreases lying in men -- see "Testosterone Administration Reduces Lying in Men," PLoS One. 2012; 7(10): e46774. Since women have less testosterone than men, it would be natural to assume that this causes women to lie more than men do. It would be good to see some direct evidence about this issue, but the education sector is Feminist-dominated and unlikely to carry out such research, because of its anti-Feminist implications.



Journalists tend to be Left-Wing. They find it hard to conceive of Right-Wing politicians having principles, or doing things for honest and ethical reasons. I remember some Australian correspondent on Radio New Zealand's "Nine-to-Noon" show stating that some Right-Wing Australian politician had espoused some Right-Wing policy purely in order to gain votes. I observed the same phenomenon with Guyon Espiner, the political editor on TV Wom (TVNZ)'s Breakfast programme on about 26 January 2007. He stated that Dr. Brash, former National Party Leader, only made his famous Orewa Speech on race relations in order to gain votes! Left-Wing journalists are so stupid that they fail to realilse that, if some populist, Right-Wing policy is very popular, then it is very likely that many Right-Wing politicians actually believe in that policy! Stating (without evidence) that those politicians are being cynical and manipulative is a lie.

TV Wom is a veritable hive of lies. Their most famous and long-employed presenter, Judy Bailey, the so-called "Mother of the Nation", made a revealing slip in an interview after her contract was not renewed. She was talking about the influence that her father had had on her. She referred to times when she had been caught telling fibs. I don't know what percentage of children tell lies on a regular basis, but it is interesting that one child who did tell lies later went on to be a powerful propaganda-wallah at TV Wom!



In New Zealand, most journalists are female, and students at journalism schools overwhelmingly so.


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